Spartacus Legends Available To Download On XBLA & PSN

Spartacus Legends Now Available On XBLA & PSN
Get ready to enter the arena with Spartacus Legends.

The free to play fighting game & gladiator Ludus simulator is now available on both XBLA and PSN. Launched on the 25th of June for PSN, the XBLA version is now available for players to download and drench their screens with blood.

Based on the hit series from STARZ, the Spartacus Legends game allows players to assume the role of head of a Ludus. Recruiting slaves, training them to become gladiators, and legends of the arena. The game features 8 way movement and a heavy focus is placed upon the items and equipment players will have at their disposal. As players defeat enemies, they will earn coin to spend on better equipment. This equipment will of course alter your gladiators statistics. Impatient players may purchase items for real money, via micro transactions.
Offering 8 different combat styles, players will have a variety of play options available to them, from sword and shield, tridents, bare fists and even the famed fighting style used by Gannicus and Spartacus himself in the TV show, dual wielding blades.

Speaking of Spartacus, actor Liam Mcintyre lends his likeness and voice to the game, to create the most authentic Spartacus experience available. From the gameplay trailers we have seen, the game recreates the gritty, authentic look of both the arena’s and the gladiators themselves. Justice has been done to the gladiators, given the intense muscle building workouts the cast and crew underwent when shooting the series.

Players will have the option to battle friends or strangers on line, over both xbox live and playstation network. Developers Ubisoft have handled the online component quite cleverly, allowing players to que for games, whilst still playing single player. This means no long sessions staring at a lobby screen waiting for players to join.

With death being said to be permanent, once a Gladiator dies – he’s gone for good, its interesting to see how players will behave online, will they save their most prized gladiators in fear of defeat, or will they go out all guns blazing?

Death will be glorious within the game, with a plethora of “finishing” moves available to defeat an opponent. From impalements, to slicing a face off and decapitation, players will have a range of lethal and spectacular ways to end a match. These match ending finishers come after a player has worn down the foes stamina and health bar. The stamina bar represents armour, when this is depleted, the opponents health will begin to drain. By winning the favour of the crowd (taunting opponents with a press of the d-pad) players will build up their special meter, allowing them to unleash their lethal blow.

With such a strong following and interest in the Spartacus TV show at the time of airing, it seems ill timing on the behalf of Ubisoft to only be releasing this game now. However, if this additional development time has been put to well use, and will provide a better experience for us gamers, than we can’t complain.

Players can get a taste of gladiator life for free, by downloading the Spartacus Legends game from Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Network. Leave your psn handle or xbl gamer tag in the comments below and arrange match ups with fellow readers.

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