3 Weeks Out From NABBA North Britain Training Journal Recap

I’ve opened with this line before but… DAMN. 3 weeks out from the NABBA North Britain now, I seriously can’t believe how quick its came round. Let’s take a look at what i’ve been up to this past week.


So Monday I had an awesome heavy leg session on the morning, and high volume shoulder workout on the evening. As many of you know, I train in 2 gyms, due to my work schedule. Well this past Monday I had the day to myself, as I stayed up late Sunday night to watch Wresltemania XXX (that triple X looks so saucy), which i’ll speak about later in this recap.So I never got to bed till around 4.20 am Monday morning, and woke up 9.15ish Monday morning. It was a high carb day. It was a good day. I started off with 30 minutes fast walking on the treadmill, and followed this up with breakfast. I’ve actually done a full day’s worth of eating for that day, which you can check out in the video below (do it – do it NOWWWW). I then trained heavy legs around mid day, following a large breakfast.

3 weeks out from NABBA Bodybuilding Show


My Leg Workout Was

Lying Hamstring Curls 5 sets 8-15
Standing Alternate Hamstring Curls 5 sets 8-12
Hack Squat 5 sets 6-15
Leg Press 4 sets 8-12
Walking Lunges till failure

My plan was to get a nap in on the afternoon due to a lack of sleep on the Sunday, and because I was feeling fubar after legs, but things didn’t pan out like that. I was pretty busy all day, so only had time to get 2 more meals before training high volume shoulders and abs on the evening.

Wrestlemania Hangover


Tuesday I was feeling the effects of Sunday & Monday’s lack of rest. I trained high volume biceps on the afternoon, and heavy chest on the evening. Baring in mind the past couple of weeks i’ve been working my way to incline dumbbell presses upwards of 40kg, this past week I started on 30kg for 15 reps, and stuck on that weight, finishing off the exercise with just 8 reps. I felt so fatigued and tired. I can only couple this to a low carb day on Sunday (200g) along with lack of sleep. Onwards and upwards however!

NABBA 3 Weeks Out Tired

Wednesday I would usually train high volume back  in the afternoon, and heavy triceps on the evening. However this week I was unable to train them separately, and I trained them both together on the evening, like I used to until a few months ago. All in all a good workout.

Thursday was heavy shoulders and high volume legs. Before I started training twice a day, I would train with Martin, another competitior, 6 times a week. He really took me under his wing when I changed gyms, and has more experience in competing than me, as he’s been doing this for around 5 or 6 years. For the past few weeks our training together has been hit and miss with me training on afternoons and evenings, as such we’ve not trained legs together for quite a few weeks. This past Thursday however we trained high volume legs together, and man did I feel phucked Thursday night. NO matter how intense or how hard you train by yourself, when you physically fail, or fatigue you’re done.When you’ve got a training partner you’ve got someone to help you force a few extra reps out. Awesome workout, and the rest of the evening was a write off. All in all, a good night.


Nothing new to report here really, im still carb cycling with the usual 450/375/300, however as mentioned in last weeks recap i’ve been adding in a 200g carb day on the Sunday, as to not ‘waste’ a high carb day on a non lifting day. Food choices have been the same, and meals have been the same. I mentioned last week about changing up my carb timings slightly, and i’ve stuck with that this week. In regards to my diet, the only thing i’ve changed this week is adding spinach to my pre bed casein shake. Pop-eye got big and strong from it, so why can’t Shreddybrek? Seriously though there are some great health benefits associated with spinach which you can read more about by clicking here.

Sugar Rush

Despite my 3 week binge following my USN Novice Finals Show in 2013 I surprisingly don’t have much of a sweet tooth. In fact, I don’t ever really crave or have the desire to eat bad. Where lots of people dream about pizza, mcdonalds, cakes, sweets, when im dieting one of the foods I miss most is oats (I am gluten free during competition prep). Im quite partial to a pasta bake, which is also off the menu, however by many would be considered a ‘healthy meal’.

Well this past week, those sugar cravings have started to ramp up. Looking into it, for example this article by Layne Norton touches upon it, when losing weight, leptin levels rise, which causes sugary cravings. This is why so many incorporate re-feed days into their diets. Now a re-feed day, from what I know, is typically more associated with a lower carb intake than what I diet on, and depending upon an individuals body fat, will depend upon the frequency of a re-feed day.

My carbs aren’t really all that low, they average at around 375g, which is around 1.8g of carbs per lb of body weight (give or take a bit). However I am leaning out, and although im having that ‘high carb day’ which is the 450, its not really satisfying any craving. There’s no food in particular I am craving, it’s just weird that I find myself thinking about ‘sweet treat’ types of foods. I also don’t think that matters have been helped by my fiancé getting me the following treats for my post show pig out. I seriously cannot repeat November however. I was looking pretty shredded, and fat gain is always inevitable following a show, and when adding mass.

However I should have easily been able to maintain a low level of body fat, maintain a 6 pack, and add some quality muscle. Instead I added some muscle, but a hell of a lot of fat because I was pigging out on chit every night. This has seriously halted my progress, and I felt like crap after the 2 weeks, and regretted putting all that hard work and 17 weeks of dieting down the toilet, for the sake of pigging out on cherry bakewells, pop tarts and golden syrup every night. Following the NABBA North, I have a show at the body power 2 weeks later, so I know I can’t go too crazy, and I don’t want to go crazy. I talk about my post show training diet & plans in this video

Realistically, the treats I’ve got will last me for both shows. I’ll enjoy myself after pre-judging on May 4th, and me and my girlfriend will go for a meal on the Monday. However i’ll be back on my diet and focusing towards

the Body power which is 2 weeks later, on the Saturday. My plans for the Sunday at body power however is to have a sensible pig out day. I wont go crazy calorie wise, however I will enjoy some of the treats she’s got me (as i love fudge and peanut butter), along with enjoying some oh yeah protein bars. I’ll make sure to hit my protein for the day, i’ll make sure not to over indulge on carbs too much, i’ll treat it as a ‘IIFYM’ day (which is something I never do). I think another thing that has got me going is this site right here.

With food like that, no wonder im craving! Back to show prep though, I believe with me being just 3 weeks out, it will be time to drop carbs again slightly. Whatever I do, i’ll update you guys with in next weeks recap.

Outside Of The Gym

So this week has been pretty eventful. Like I say last Sunday I watched Wrestlemania XXX. A small part of me wanted Triple H to win, just to see the IWC blow up, but Daniel Bryan winning was a ‘feel good moment’ for wrestling fans. Speaking of moments, WTF at the Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar. The streak is done.

And in more WTF news, The Ultimate Warrior died. Its so strange that seeing him at the Hall Of Fame, Mania and Raw on Monday, to discover he died just days later. Very saddening, and definitely WTF.

Carrying on from my ‘sweet tooth’ craving, i’ve been watching a lot of the Protein Chef on Youtube. His videos are amazing, and are definitely a contributing factor to my sweet tooth craving I think! However to combat this, i’ve posted my own chocolate bodybuilding dessert recipe!

I also received a slew of new samples this week. I’ve received sugar free syrup from The Protein Works, which you can get for cheaper using a The Protein Works Discount Code, along with protein porridge and some samples of their whey protein concentrate. I’ve yet to try the protein porridge, but i’ll be uploading video reviews and written reviews of these supplements in the supplement reviews section. I’ll be getting some new myprotein reviews up of their Hydro Extreme & Beef Protein, neither of which i’ve tried yet as I only received them on Friday. From Sci-MX i’ve also received a box of goodies, but haven’t gotten round to opening these yet, so im not sure what i’ll be reviewing for them as of yet.


Although in the gym, i’ve been keeping myself busy this past week watching Toy Hunters when doing cardio. As many of you know Im a geek. I love collecting Pokemon cards, Yugioh Cards, comics, i love Dragonball Z and collecting figures and gaming memorabilia. Toy Hunters is basically that on a tv show. And its awesome. Im quickly running out of episodes to watch, so I’ll start mixing up my viewing for next week. That’s it guys, we’re now 3 weeks out from the NABBA North Britain. Make sure to check out my entire NABBA Training Journal Log, for all my competition prep posts. I hope you’re enjoying the weekly training logs im bringing to you. If you are make sure to leave a comment down below, and of course subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on Facebook & twitter. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for free to be notified of new recipes, and blog posts.

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4 Weeks Out From NABBA North Britain Recap

So a bit later than planned this week, but here is the 4 weeks out recap.


Had some killer workouts this week guys, especially my high volume legs, heavy biceps and high volume back workouts. Not sure why, but I was feeling pretty bossly this past week coming out of this workouts. Didn’t do a whole lot of changing things up, but the workouts just ‘hit it’. This past week i’ve started hitting obliques more often. In the past when training abs, aside from twists, I rarely (and i mean once every few weeks) hit obliques. However i’ve started targeting them 2-3 times a week starting this past week. Obliques are probably one of my most hated body parts to train. To be honest, there’s not much I don’t like training, but there’s something about obliques that are just tedious. I don’t dislike training abs, however when it comes to obliques, its all a bit ‘meh’. It might be because im still carrying fat round there, so hopefully when i see that dropping off, due to cardio and diet, i’ll be more motivated to hit obliques. Certain days i’ll hit obliques with 2 different exercises, other days i’ll hit them with just 1. It really depends on how I feel.

MY morning cardio is going steady with 30 mins of fast walking most mornings, or a combination of 15 minutes walking and 15 minutes of light cross trainer activity. I’ve been following this up with knee tucks on some mornings, and i’m doing knee tucks every day. Doing them on a morning, if I have time, is convenient, however if I know i’ll be having a proper ab session later in the day, i tend to hold out and do knee tucks with the rest of my ab workout. Im hitting abs every day in some way, either from twists, knee tucks or an ab workout.

Heavy shoulders – Had a good workout, and actually met a youtube fan! As i was getting changed a randomer, who I now know is called Chris caught me off guard with ‘are you that guy who does shreddybrek’

Triceps this week I actually added in a 3rd exercise. The reason I did this was because it was a non cardio day, and I trained abs on the afternoon following high volume back. This meant I had plenty of time to train in the evening when working out Triceps. This week my heavy tricep workout consisted of 2 cable exercises, and finished off with some dips.

4 x reverse grip 8-12

5 x push down 8-12

4 x machine dip 8-10

The pump I had from this was amazing. Im really enjoying being able to separate out my muscle groups, as I just feel alot more fresh for each workout. This was actually super quick, and the entire workout was done in maybe 25 minutes.


My carb intake has continued as normal, cycling with 450/375/300, however last sunday, as it was a rest day, I actually only took in 200g carbs. I didn’t want to waste a high carb day on a rest day, and i didn’t feel too hungry that day.

As much as i’ve been relying on jelly to satisfy hunger cravings, this has kind of got out of hand in recent weeks. I find myself eating my last meal of the day, and following this up with 2 or 3 tubs of sugar free jelly. Partly out of hunger, partly out of because they’re ready to be eaten. My fiancé cutely calls me the jelly monster. I think its a fitting nickname, so i’ll roll with it. The beauty of eating sugar free jelly is that its super low in calories, and ‘bloats’ you out due to the water content, making you feel full. Ideal for dieting. In the back of my mind though, I just wanted to cut down on the amount im having, so i limit myself to just 1 sachet of sugar free hartleys jelly an evening now.

I’ve rejigged my carb timings slightly, particularly on high carb days. Where I would typically eat around 40 g of carbs, from sweet potato, following my evening weight session, i’ve upped this to a range of between 40-80 grams of carbs. To compensate for this higher amount i’ve reduced my post afternoon workout carb intake. I was having 70g of carbs from maltodextrin, followed my 70g of carbs from white rice on high carb days. This is now around 20-30g of maltodextrin intraworkout, followed up by 70g of carbs from white rice.

I really don’t have a preference as to thinking brown rice is better than white, or white rice is better than brown. Both have their benefits in my opinion. Brown is a slower releasing carbohydrate, and contains more fiber. The problem with eating too much fiber, in my opinion, is that it just sits at the bottom of my stomach and makes me feel like i need a shit by evening time. Not ideal when training legs and wondering if that feeling is the pump, or a dump. So I have brown rice mid morning, before my first workout. I’ll then have a white rice meal on an afternoon following my afternoon weight session. A couple of hours later I’ll have another brown rice meal before my evening workout. I finish the day up with sweet potato, however on my high carb day last thursday, i opted for some home made cream of rice. I fucking love this and would encourage everyone to give it a try. Making home made cream of rice works out a lot cheaper than buying it from the shop. For anyone following a bodybuilding diet on a budget, its important to save as much money as possible, without sacrificing quality food.

My energy levels remain pretty solid. We all have our off days, when we just need to man the eff up and go smash it. Sometimes a home made pre workout helps, sometimes we just need to catch up on some extra rest. The past weekend however I was feeling pretty fatigued. I can only put it down to carb cycling catching up to me, early morning wake up’s monday-friday and keep the same level of intensity in my weight training sessions. I actually spoke about this during my 5 weeks out NABBA training journal. It’s nothing too drastic however, and it is just the odd day here and there. Luckily I manage to get enough rest most days, and I still take in a fair amount of carbs, even when dieting. Carb cycling allows me to keep my carb intake at a moderate level, without getting energy drop offs. Im not saying it’s the best way, or that everyone needs to do it. But it works for me.

My green tea consumption has risen to anywhere from 5-7 cups a day. Im still not enjoying the taste, but i don’t detest it. Can’t complain too much!

Something I would like to know is why the best food days fall during my show prep? A few weeks ago I missed out on protein pancakes on pancake day. This made Adam a sad Panda. Then, this past Thursday, I missed out on Peanut Butter & Jelly Day. WTF! I love Peanut butter, and I love jelly (or jam as we call it in the UK). You can guarantee im going to smash everyone of these PB&J recipes following my next show. Speaking of Peanut butter, I have a reeses peanut butter Easter bunny ready for stepping off stage on May 4th. u mad bro? I am, as I have to wait another god damn 4 weeks before I can take bunny out back and show him who the boss is.

I’ve had a bit of trouble figuring out just which men’s physique show i’ll be competing in during the Body Power weekend. There is the Physique of the week, the USN Men’s Physique and the World Fitness Championships. So much choice, so little time.

The good guys from Protein Works and Sci-Mx have sent me over a great range of supplements to try out. You can check out my thoughts of these over in the supplement reviews section. As a long time user of MyProtein, i always tend to use these as the bench mark when comparing products against.

Outside Of The Gym

Following my bodybuilders can be geeks video a few weeks ago, I’ve actually been playing a lot more Pokemon on my 3ds, and spending a bit more time on ebay looking at investments (aka ways to spend money on pokemon cards). Yeah im a geek. I’ve also managed to squeeze in more gaming time on the PS4, playing through more MGS Ground Zeroes. A luxury i’ve not had for a while, but im enjoying the time back on my games. A true kid at heart. Speaking of which, that is exactly how Dan from Home Physique described me in his shout out video. I’d like to say a big thanks to Dan for featuring me in one of his videos, and if you haven’t checked out his channel definitely do so!

I also published 2 interviews this past week. The first with Nichola Whitehead from Nic’s Nutrition. Nic is a nutritionist blogger, who has a ton of great recipes. The second interview was with pro-wrestler, bodybuilder, and member of Body Spartan, Brian Cage. Brian is an awesome guy, and has achieved a lot of things Im aiming to achieve. It’s great to not only interact and speak to people who have achieved the success I want to, but to interview them is even better.

That’s this week wrapped up guys. Hopefully i’ll be back next week, on time, with the 3 weeks out recap. YIKES 3 weeks out. Getting so close now! Until then guys, keep clangin’ & bangin!

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NABBA Bodybuilding Training Journal – 5 Weeks Out Recap

NABBA 5 Weeks Out Training Recap

Another training journal recap, another week closer to the NABBA North Britain 2014. Damn, literally, 5 weeks to go now. This is crazy. It sounds cliche, but before I know it, ill be writing up my post show recap. Well here we are, 5 weeks of prep left, lets dig into this weeks training recap. Read more ›

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Interview With Brian Cage

Interview With Brian Cage

Following my recent interview with Gabe Tuft, aka Tyler Reks, I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to another pro wrestling star and bodybuilder, Brian Cage. Today we’re bringing you this interview with Body Spartan member, bodybuilder and pro wrestler Brian Cage. When I first discovered Brian, through Gabe, I immediately saw him as someone I should aspire to be. Our stories are similar, Read more ›

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Interview With Nichola Whitehead of Nic’s Nutrition

Nic Whitehead

Thanks for being with us today Nic. Your blog, nicsnutrition.com is packed full of healthy, tasty recipes and nutritional information. Tell us about why you started this blog.

And thank you for having me :)

I qualified as a dietitian in 2009, and my first taste of blogging was actually reading ‘beauty/fashion blogs’ in my free time. I loved the fact that you could get honest advice (for free!) from people who were equally as passionate, and after looking for nutrition blogs I quickly realised that there was a lack of trust-worthy advice out there, and I couldn’t find any UK dietitians who were blogging or vlogging. Read more ›

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My Skinny To Muscle Transformation – A Skinny Guy Transformation

Skinny to muscle transformation

Hey guys, today i want to share my Skinny to Muscle Transformation with you all. Cos lets face it, no one wants to be the skinny guy. Ronnie Coleman wasn’t born with ability to leg press 1 tonne of weight. Jay Cutler wasn’t born with massive quads. Phil Heath wasn’t born a Mr Olympia. Read more ›

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NABBA Bodybuilding Training Journal – 6 Weeks Out Recap

6 weeks out bodybuilding nabba 2014

In the words of Ron Simmons. DAMN! 6 weeks. We all know how quick 6 weeks can fly by. Remember when you were a kid and waited all year long for 6 weeks off over summer. Then in the blink of an eye your parents were dragging you around shops looking for new school shoes, trousers, pens, pencils and you just thought. FUARRRRQ. Read more ›

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Force Your Arms To Grow With My High Volume Bicep Workout Routine – 25th march

This high volume bicep workout is part of my typical 6 day weight training split, which I’ve had massive success with since starting it last January.  I train each muscle group twice a week, one day is a heavy day, the other is high volume or pumping. As part of my NABBA training journal, im documenting my workouts, and today’ we’re looking at my high volume bicep workout from the 25th of March. About 6 weeks out from the NABBA North Britain 2014 bodybuilding show. I also covered my heavy bicep workout routine from last week.

This is the high volume bicep workout routine, and as such my rest times are no longer than 45 seconds between sets. It involves 1 single exercise, and a triset containing 3 exercises. As part of the triset, you must perform each bicep exercise back to back, with no rest. Only after the 3rd exercise is complete, you will rest for 45 seconds before starting the next bicep triset.

Weight isn’t a concern in this high volume bicep workout. This is a workout with sarcoplasmic hypertrophy in mind. You’re not lifting light. You should perform each set within the dictated rep range, but that last rep should be till failure. A pumping workout does not mean an easy workout. As rest times are only 45 seconds, I would be surprised if you need to increase weight between sets. If you do, it means you didn’t work hard enough on your first set. The best case scenario would be to keep the same weight, for each set. However you may find yourself needing to drop weight as the sets.

The High Volume Bicep Workout Routine

Reverse Grip EZ Curl Bar 5 x 12-15

I started this workout off with a reverse grip EZ curl bar. This allows me to hit my forearms and bicep, and as I hit the bicep from a range of different angles, it allows me to supinate the bicep through the entire workout, by hitting it from different angles using a range of different bicep exercises. When performing this I start with a wide grip, which gets more narrow with each set. In this particular workout, my third set was  the close grip, and was probably the hardest set. For my 4th and 5th set I then start to widen my grip again.

Make sure you use a full range of motion throughout the exercise, and if possible squeeze at the top. Control the weight down slowly. Whilst each set should be as controlled as possible, you may find yourself struggling around the 8th rep. If this happens, make use of rest-pause to force out the entire set. On the last set, you may find yourself cheating the last 1 or 2 reps up. This is fine in my opinion, as long as you don’t look like the playground swing. A slight use of momentum or a slight swing to force 2 reps out, in my opinion, is better than stopping your set short.

Remember to use common sense in training. If you’re struggling to get just 6 or 8 reps out on your first set, when you should be getting 12-15, any ‘cheat curls’ you do, will not benefit you. Its time to drop the weight. Use common sense, and lift the right weight to make your biceps grow. Don’t lift your ego.

Triset 4 x 10
Hammer Curls
Preacher Curl
Lying Incline Curl

Perform each exercise with no rest. After you have completed the 3rd exercise rest for 45 seconds, then start again. When performing the hammer curls, use both arms at the same time. On the 3rd or 4th set when you begin to fatigue, do as many reps as you can, then finish your set off by doing alternate hammer dumbbell curls. Use this same practice for the lying incline curls also.

This is an intense high volume bicep workout that will get your arms pumped and force them to grow. Remember than a high volume or pumping workout isn’t an easy workout. It will be intense, hard and quick. That’s what she said. You can follow my NABBA Bodybuilding Journal right here, or over on my Youtube Channel.

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Home Made Cream Of Rice Recipe, How To Make The Perfect Hot Gluten Free Cereal

cream of rice recipe

Following a gluten free diet, whenever im preparing for a bodybuilding show, I’ve recently noticed cream of rice appearing in many bodybuilding diets. Unlike porridge, (which I love) which contains gluten, cream of rice is a hot gluten free cereal. This makes it a perfect substitute for oats. Read more ›

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Full Day Of Eating – Friday 21st March

Howdy all. Today im going to give you all a run down of a full day of eating a bodybuilding diet by taking a look at a full day’s worth of eating from Friday the 21st March. As i prepare for my upcoming bodybuilding show, which im documenting in my NABBA training journal, my diet does become a little more rigid than in the ‘off-season’. However what you’re seeing here pretty much is how i eat all year round. Over the years i’ve honed my diet, relying less on protein powders than what I did as a student, and opting for whole foods and meals instead. Don’t get me wrong though using supplements and protein powders, especially as part of a busy life style, is a huge benefit. Read more ›

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