Best Protein Powder For Women – The Top 5 Ranked For 2022

So ladies, youve landed here on this page looking for the best protein powder for women to help you “tone up”. You want to get “fit” but not too muscular.

Don’t worry. Take a look round your gym the next time you’re in and you’ll see young lads taking a lot more than protein shakes and still “not looking muscular”

Supplement companies market many of their protein powders as the best protein powder for women looking to lose weight, and companies such as maximuscle will even develop a line of products targeted at women, with hopes that women will think that this offering is the best protein powder for women. The truth of the matter is there really is no substantial differences between the best protein powder for women, or the best protein powder for men.

Best Protein Powder For Women

The aforementioned maximuscle markets their “sculpture” range as the best protein powder for women, along with with the best protein supplements and meal replacements for women such as protein bars, meal replacements and protein powder for women. Now, you may be sat here reading this article thinking “but i dont wants a man’s protein, i want the best protein for women! I don’t want to get huge and bulky” FYI – It takes more than just protein powder to grow muscles. Next time you’re in the gym take a look over at the weights area. How many of the guys in there are actually “bulky” or look “too muscular”. Im guessing not that many. At the end of the day protein is protein. No matter if you’re taking the best protein powder for women, essentialy it boils down to the following: 1g of protein = 4 calories. Protein is required by the body to help the muscle repair, grow and also helps make you feel full. If you are worried that a “mans protein powder” will make you look too muscular (which is probably why you are looking for the best protein powder for women), then stop worrying! Women build muscle much more slowly than men due to having a much lower level of testosterone. In order to build muscle, a calorie surplus is also needed. If you’re goal is to lose weight, and you are looking for a protein powder to use as a meal replacement, then fear not – you won’t grow huge muscles. Even guys who are slamming protein shakes all day long often aren’t that big. It takes serious effort, dedication, hard training and a strict diet to actually get huge. The best protein powder for women in the world won’t magically turn you into the She Hulk.

I’ve spoken in a previous post and video about hydrolysed protein, protein isolate and protein concentrate. I won’t go into that here, as chances are you won’t need hydroylsed protein if you’re asking what the best protein powder for women is. The bottom line is however, protein works! What I will do however, is share 5 of the best protein powder’s available, based upon the quality of the protein powder and price. Things don’t have to get complicated! The following list is based off a combination of my experiences with different protein powders, on line supplement reviews, and popularity (in terms of sales). Note: I will not include any hydrolysed protein in this list. Whilst it’s true I believe the best protein powder for women is also the best for men, you reading this page are likely to be a women looking for the best protein powder to buy. Hydrolysed, I believe, is very expensive and only needs to be taken by bodybuilders.

Best Protein Powder For Women

1. Impact Whey Isolate From Myprotein

Best Value For Money!

This is the protein powder ive used for the longest period of time, and recommend to all my female clients. MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate packs over 90% protein content, with minimal fat and carbohydrate content. making it perfect for weight loss or lean muscle building. Each 25g scoop of Impact Whey Isolate has just 92 calories, making it a perfect low calorie meal replacement.

Myprotein ships worldwide, and provides free delivery when you spend £50, often you’ll receive your product the next day if in the mainland UK. Affordable, high quality and one of the best ranges of flavours available. Impact Whey Isolate mixes perfectly leaving no grit or clumps,  is an affordable, premium protein product that will help aid your fat loss goals. Whether you’re looking to add lean muscle, tone up, or just looking for a tasty way to boost your protein content, definitely give this a try. I belive this to be one of the best protein powders for women looking to lose weight and get the physique of their dreams. Get 5% off your first order AND combine it with the £5 off a £40 order code! You can view all of our Myprotein Discount Codes over at or take a look at our exclusive on-site my protein discount codes for Shreddybrek readers.

Both of these codes can be used on the same order!

2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 2273 g Milk Chocolate Protein Shake Powder Or Click Here For The UK Link

Also available in large bag (best value option) – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 10lb Bag Double Rich Chocolate or Click Here For UK Product
Also available in small tub – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 908 g Double Chocolate Protein Shake Powder

A constant best seller on sites like amazon, 100% whey is one of the pricier options on the market, but justifies this high price tag with even higher quality. Many proteins, some of which listen below will contain lactose, carbs and other ingredients. 100% whey is the highest protein offering on the market. This protein powder is known for its extremely low quantities of fat, lactose and carbohydrates. If price isn’t an issue, then I would say this is the best protein powder for women.

3. BSN Syntha 6 Sustained Release Chocolate Whey Protein Powder 2270g

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Shakes For WomenClick Here for the UK Product. One common thought about protein powders is that they taste disgusting. This is simply false. BSN Syntha 6 is definitely the best tasting protein powder to prove this. If taste is your #1 criteria then this is the best protein powder for women. The BSN syntha 6 mixes well in a shaker, and has a creamy flavour and texture, even when mixed with water. BSN Syntha 6 is a common choice amongst athletes looking to build strength or endurance, and it contains healthy fats and fiber to aid in long strenuous workouts and exercise plans. This protein powder doesn’t have to be reserved for pre or post workout however. You may find yourself wanting to grab your shaker and prepare youself a protein shake instead of your regular meals it tastes that good. Whilst it shouldn’t make up the majority of your food intake, you can take comfort knowing that this protein contains essential amino acids, BCAAs, Glutamine, fiber, MCTs, EFAs, and Peptides. SAVE 40% on BSN Syntha 6 Protein Powder. 

4. Dymatize ISO-100 Gourmet Chocolate Protein Isolate
Top 5 Protein Powder For WomenClick here for the UK Product Page. Similar to the 100% Whey by Optimum Nutrition, this is perhaps an even better protein powder for women as it contains 0g fat and 0g carbs. This is pure protein. However, this comes at a higher price tag. It’s not the best tasting protein powder, but it doesn’t taste but ugly either. I would personally reserve this for post workout given the expensive price tag.


5. CytoSport Muscle Milk Chocolate
Top 5 protein shakes for womenClick here for the UK Product Page. Creamy, milky protein taste. Very much like a desert! This won’t break the bank and has a good level of quality, from a reputable company. This is arguably one of the best choices if you are looking for the best protein powder for women.


And that’s our top 5 best protein powder for women supplements list!

Whey Protein Powder For Women

As can be seen from above, the most popular protein powder for women, and for men is a whey protein. Whey protein powder offers a good value for money protein source, is tasty, and had an amino acid profile that is perfectly suited for gaining muscle and building muscle.

Just what is whey protein however, and why should this be used as a protein powder for women?

Whey protein is the byproduct of a complex manufacturing process of cheese production. Once the cheese has been curled and strained of milk, the substance that is left is whey protein. This powder once over was tossed in the garbage, until it was discovered that it was infact a complete protein, and has a large amount of leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid, that plays an important role in protein synthesis. Obviously, sports nutrition supplement companies caught wind of this, and began to produce the supplement we now know as whey protein. The perfect protein shake for women, especially women looking to use a protein powder for weight loss.

Whey protein may be consumed at any point through the day however the most common use of protein shakes for women, and protein powder for men is to be used as a post workout shake following intense weight training. This is because whey protein is a fairly fast absorbing protein source, and spiked amino acids within the blood, allowing the body to go into an immediate muscle building state, especially compared to a slower absorbing protein such as casein or a whole food. Many protein shakes for women, and protein powder’s used by men contain lactose. So those that are lactose intolerant should take note of the ingredients present in their chosen protein powder. A Hydrolysed protein powder does not actually contain lactose, however hyrolysed should only be used post workout, and not through the day. Another alternative to whey protein would be isolate, with a much lower lactose count. For those who struggle with IBS, then the perfect protein powder for women and men would perhaps be an isolate whey protein, as opposed to a concentrate whey protein. Our recommendations are above.

Casein Protein Powder For Women

Unlike whey protein, which is a fast absorbing protein powder, casein protein is a slow releasing protein. This is perhaps the 2nd most popular protein powder for women & men.

As mentioned, casein protein absorption rate and digestion rate is much slower in comparison to a whey protein. A similar spike in amino acids caused by whey protein also occurs when consuming casein, however the release of amino acids into the blood stream last over a number of hours, anywhere upto 8 hours. The most popular use of a casein protein shake for women or men is to use it before bed time. This is due to the slow releasing nature of the protein.

I personally would avoid casein protein post workout, at least for an hour or so, and opt for a whey protein shake. One of the best benefits of casein protein powder is for its ability to make you feel fuller for longer. The slow releasing nature of this protein, allows a person to feel fuller. For example, a casein protein powder for women would help combat hunger strikes or snacking, thus being a solid protein powder for women’s weight loss.

Egg Protein Powder For Women

Egg protein is a great protein powder for women and men alike, yet it is one of the most uncommon types as many people don’t know this is available as a protein supplement. An egg protein powder has 3 key benefits

Low fat & low carbs as this protein supplements is made from egg whites.

Egg protein powder has a higher biological value, which is a measurement of how effective it can be utilised by the body in comparison to other types of protein. Many researchers believe that an egg protein has similar muscle building properties as whey protein supplements. Making this a good protein shake for women and men alike.

Having read casein protein’s slow releasing properties, you may be surprised to discover that egg protein is an even slower digesting protein source in comparison to casein protein. Perfect for muscle gaining, and also a perfect protein shake for women’s weight loss.

Soy Protein Powder For Women

Soy protein is often considered to be a protein powder for women due to research suggesting that it raises estrogen levels. A nightmare for men, as this can enable men to grow breast tissue, and prevent muscle gain, which is another reason this is considered to be a protein shake for women.

The University of Harvard explored the semen using a sample of 99 males, and compared it against the isoflavone & soy consumption during the previous 3 months. It was discovered that soy and isoflavone intake contributed to a lower sperm count among the sample group.

Results from research carried out at the University of Guelph however showed that a study of 32 men eating low or high amounts of isoflavones, from soy protein sources over a period of fifty seven days did not have any effect on semen quality.

As with any fitness claim, contradictory studies always appear, so what is the low down with soy? What does soy protein powder for women mean?

Research shows that when a women consumes soy protein, it is not as likely to affect hormones in a negative manner. Of course, the following must be considered.

Soy protein shakes for women conains substances, inhibiting the digestion and absorption of nutrients, along with protein molecules. Some research exists to show soy protein powder for women could provide benefits, including lower risk of heart disease along with lowering the risk of breast cancer, some research exists that contradicts these statements.

The bottom line is however, the consumed in moderation, soy or soy protein powder for women is safe. I would personally not recommend soy protein powder for men until conclusive studies state if it can negatively impact testosterone however.

Final Thoughts on Protein Shakes For Women

Remember that protein is an essential part of a balanced diet for men and women. A protein shake for women can result in weight loss following a healthy diet and active lifestyle. A male over dosing on protein shakes in the hopes he’ll pack on muscle is simply deluded however. This just won’t happen. Protein powder for women or for men could be used as a supplement, and not a reliant. Women need not buy into the marketing behind exclusive protein powder for women.

The best protein powder for women is also the best protein powder for men. These best protein powder for women type of protein supplements will be marketed as “ideal for weight loss”, “helps lose fat” so the end consumer, the women (you reading this article) see’s the slim female fitness model on the tub and rushes to the checkout without. This “idealistic” look is what is selling the product, the company is not just selling a protein supplement or fat loss supplements, they are sell an aspiration. They are are selling the idea that if you buy this product you can fulfill your fitness and physique aspirations by getting the body you desire, which resembles that of the model on the front of our products. Cunning, tricky, sly. This is marketing folks. The above list has provided you with 5 of the best protein powder for women. Which will you be picking up? Already tried one of the protein powders? Let us know your favourite below! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more fitness advice and alerts on free products and samples!

Best Protein Powder For WomenFor the best value protein powder for women make sure to check out Impact Whey Isolate from MyProtein.

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Quick and Easy Post Workout Meals – Protein & Baby Rice

quick and easy post workout meals

baby rice bodybuildingWhen im done in the gym, the last thing I want to do is mess around for half an hour weighing out food, cooking it, and washing dishes. That what girlfriends, wives, and mothers are for. m i right!?

Oh how I jest… (seriously im jesting, I hope my girlfriend or mother doesn’t read this!)

One of my favourite quick and easy post workout meals is a combination of baby rice and protein powder.

You read that right, baby rice.

Why Do I Have Baby Rice & Protein as a Post Workout Meal?

  • It provides fast acting carbs
  • It provides me with a fast and medium digesting protein to kickstart protein synthesis and ensure I start recovering
  • It tastes really really nice
  • It’s so quick to prepare

But a bit more in depth….

It tastes awesome when added with Myprotein flavdrops, flav powder, or protein powder. I find the best post workout protein to be a whey blend of isolate and concentrate, especially when mixed in with this baby rice.

Yes you don’t need that post workout shake within 20 minutes of your workout to maximise protein synthesis and enhance the anabolic window . However, meal timing is a tried and (in practice) tested method used by bodybuilders, both pros and amateurs, to get the best performance, and create the best physique possible.

When I finish a workout, im going to be hungry. I want my post workout meal to be quick & easy, heck this recipe im sharing with you should be classed as a post workout snack its that quick to pull together.

The video above shows exactly how I make one of my favourite quick and easy post workout meals.

But for those of you who’d prefer to read……. here you go

Making My Favourite Quick & Easy Post Workout Meal

Here is how I make this easy post workout meal;

  1. Boil a kettle of water
  2. Mix in some Myprotein Flavdrops or MP Flavouring (If you want to add your protein powder in, then skip this step)
  3. Pour in your baby rice, mixing with a spoon
  4. Add more water as needed to thin the mixture to a consistency to your liking
  5. Add cold water so you’re able to eat it quicker
  6. If you want to add protein powder, wait until your baby rice is stirred in with the boiling water.
  7. Add a scoop (or 2) of your protein powder. In the video above I used Dynapro Anytime from Protein Dynamix.
    1. Note: Any whey protein powder would be fine to use – just make sure it tastes good. Dynapro is a whey protein blend of concentrate and isolate, and tastes awesome mixed in with the baby rice. I would also recommend impact whey or impact isolate from Myprotein.
  8. Mix the protein powder into the baby rice
  9. You may need to add additional cold water to thin the consistency

Macros For My Baby Rice & Protein Shake Quick Post Workout Meal;

Carbs 85g
Protein 50g
Fat 1g

You should adjust this recipe to your established macros to eat for muscle gain or fat loss. A full pack of baby rice contains 85g of carbs, and one of the best times to increase carb intake is post workout. A full pack does me fine, and I ensure it fits within my macros.

The best post workout protein supplement is whey, and that’s exactly what dynapro anytime is. I use 2 scoops, as this means im eating enough protein for muscle gain.

If you’re looking for a similar recipe, then you should check out my home made cream of rice recipe. It has a different consistency, and takes a little more time to prepare. However it tastes really nice, is a cheaper carbohydrate source and still makes for a quick post workout meal.

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Motivation In Defeat – My NABBA 2016 Bodybuilding Motivation


Shreddybrek Most Muscular Bodybuilding PoseComing off my performance at the NABBA North Britain 2016, im left with mixed emotions. However the biggest feeling I have inside of me is motivation.

In my most recent bodybuilding show, I entered the the “Mr Class 2” category for the first time. A huge step up from the novice category I did fairly well in way back in 2016, placing 3rd at the North Britain, and then 6th at the NABBA Britain finals.

In 2015 I placed 2nd and gained an invite to the UKBFF Britain finals, which i opted not to do.

I knew the step up to the Mr class would be a big jump in competition, and I thought I was “ready to rumble”.

This just wasn’t the case however, which was evident from my physique in the line up against 6 other bodybuilders.

The NABBA North Britain 2016 Show

I went into the show knowing I wasn’t looking as good I should (or could) have, which i’ll discuss further below. However I still wanted to do it, as I didn’t look “out of shape”.

The afternoon judging was enjoyable, with a friend of mine competing in the first timers, a few lads from the gym I train at competing in the Juniors, and another friend competing in the same class as me.

The delays throughout the afternoon seemed to make me more anxious as I was just waiting and waiting. I knew there was 7 in my calss after I registered, and from hearing just a handful of the competitors names, I knew straight away id be coming last.

I confirmed this to myself later that day when I went backstage to pump up and saw my competition.

A sense of “wtf am i doing here” overcame me, but I thought fuck it, im here now, nothing I can do other than get up on stage.

In a line up of 6 other monsters its hard to stand out at a bodybuilding show, but I hit my poses the best I could, and then waited for the night show.

The night show itself was great. There was a table of 10 friends and family watching the entire thing. I was enjoying myself up until it was time for me to get back up on stage (I jest).

However when I heard “and in 7th place…. Adam Foster” a fire was lit under my arse.

Not because I was mad with the decision – it was fare. I looked the worst on stage. I was disappointed in myself for letting myself get last.

What Went Wrong?

In all honesty, nothing “major” went wrong. I began my contest the weekend after Christmas, and before new Year. Plenty of time to get ready, 17 weeks I believe it was.

On New years Eve I went for a meal out in a restaurant. Something I dont normally do during contest prep. Outside of this however I was bang on with my food choices, meal timings, and macros. During contest prep i always aim to be absolute bang on as its the only way to even try and build muscle and lose fat at the same time. If you aren’t 100% accountable for everything in your diet, then you can’t expect to make proper gains.

I saw the first few weeks as “transitioning” phase from “normal eating” to full blown contest prep. However other than the very rare meal out somewhere, in which I kept my food choices basic, a chicken and rice, steak and potato, i was pretty full on from week 17 out.

I came down with tonsillitis on New Years Eve, and was ill with that for about 2 weeks. I lost well over a stone in that period, and unfortunately it wasnt all fat.

I felt so weak, and could barely train when I had it, however a few weeks into prep i felt “back to normal” and I actually believe this helped kick start some of my fat loss, as the bloating I had before starting prep immediately went. Not the way id advise to lose weight, but hey it worked.

Following this, I was improving almost week on week. Something that normally doesn’t happen for me during my contest prep. I was dieting on 400g carbs pretty much all the way through my contest prep. I did a week of carb cycling to burn some more fat, but in all honesty, it wasnt really needed. I ended up increasing my daily carb intake to 450g of carbs, and i will still burning fat.

I was only doing cardio 3 times a week, normally id be doing it every other day, or 4 times a week at 40 minutes. Everything was going well with my diet, training and workouts at just 30 minutes cardio, and a steady carb intake.

I was 6 weeks out and looking on point. Then things went hectic.

As a bit of background, I work in digital marketing. I work a day job, but I also lecture at University to marketing students. Outside of this, I also run my own web projects and provide freelance work.

Everything outside of the gym, had a massive impact on my gym life, and it just went downhill from there.

  • Full Time Job Change
  • Increased Work Load With University Lecturing
  • Increase In Personal Web Projects
  • Increase In Freelance Work
  • Business Trips

I had an increased work load, between my day job, lecturing, and free lance work, I was running myself into the ground. I was working long days, and going on business trips, caught up in meetings, missing meal timings.

The best business meeting I had was actually heading down to the Myprotein Headquaters. I was invited due to the my protein discount codes I publish, and because of some of the myprotein supplement reviews  (its also how I get all my bodybuilding supplements dirt cheap)

Lack Of Focus, Lack Of Motivation

I was going to bed exhausted, waking up exhausted. This had a direct impact to my workouts, I just couldnt train as hard as I wanted to.

I was having a meal out maybe once every 2 weeks, Wagamamas specifically. Their beef and rice bowl. “Clean eating” but the exact macros – i didn’t know. I lost focus, noticed progress was actually going backwards, and lost motivation.

I began going through the motions. Not what you need to be doing when in contest prep.


Outside of my usual bodybuilding workouts and cardio sessions, I also began MMA training. This was something I did when I was younger. I was doing this for a couple of weeks, a few times a week, on top of all my other training. I never injured myelf during my brief stint of training during this contest prep, but it definitely interfered with my recovery and workouts.

I never missed a workout, or a cardio session, but my sessions just weren’t as intense as they needed to be. I was basically fitting my workouts in around my working day, to allow me free time on an evening.

As such, I was training at an Xercise 4 Less commercial gym through the week. Its not a bad gym, it just made me lack drive. Its fine for cardio, but i’ve learned that in order to get the best out of my weight workouts, I need to train at my regular gym in Hartlepool, ideally with training partners on big days such as legs, or chest.

This became a cycle, as the lack of focus for bodybuilding meant I wasnt obsessing over my meal timings, and meal prep in advance. Instead I was just eating around lectures, without proper planning. I was sometimes forgetting to prep my rice, so buying microwave rices, which have higher fats.

It was just a combination of a lot of things leading to a poor end result.

Lessons Learned

Bodybuilding is all or nothing

As soon as you start to half arse your diet, or workout, whether intentional or not, you’re wasting your time. Sure I could go on holiday, or on a beach, walk around with my t shirt off and look good – but that isn’t competitive bodybuilding.

For me, i got too focused on work, and took some of my focus away from bodybuilding. Long term is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Im working on my career, which will pay long term dividends. Is it bad for my bodybuilding. Yes.

What I need to do is balance this. Rather than forcing myself into the gym when is convenient so i have more free time on an evening, I need to stick to my game plan, because it works.

Sticking to the diet is crucial

This if obvious, and its not a lesson i’ve learned here, its just something i need to hammer down on.

I know that swapping a meal or post workout shake for a protein bar isn’t optimal.

I know that waiting 6 hours between meals, and then making up your macros on an evening isn’t as effective (for me at least) as regular meals.

Its just something that with a bigger workload, I kinda disregarded and thought “it will do”.

It wont do, it didnt do.

dont get cocky kid

Don’t Get Cocky Kid

6 Weeks out I got complacent. 6 weeks out is when things started going in reverse.

Its something i’ve never ever done, and I can only imagine that because of a lack of focus, and prioritising other things, I did get complacent, which led to the above.

I can’t and won’t do it again.

Don’t Compete Unless You Can Commit 100%

100% or nothing is an age old, cheese filled cliche quote, but it applies.

If you have a focus on building a business, raising a family, relationship, studying towards a degree, or other commitments there is nothing wrong with that.

Bodybuilding is a selfish lifestyle and selfish sport. You need to make sacrifice to a certain extent, and put other focuses on the back burner during contest prep.

If any of your commitments mean you can’t put 100% into your bodybuilding 100% of the time during a contest prep, then you can’t expect to place well.

I’ve learned this the hard way and im now able to speak from experience.

Refocused & Motivated For Bodybuilding

As someone who competes, and has placed last, this has been a massive kick up the arse. I was in the gym 9 o clock Monday morning, pushing harder through a chest workout. Harder than I had done for the past 5-6 weeks.

Tuesday I trained with Eddy Ellwood for a Quad workout, as Im typing this, im in fear of standing and sitting, as there is a slight (see tremendous) ache in my legs. Its a naughty but nice feeling – and I love it.

Im going to be refocused with my workouts, meals, meal timings, weight sessions, and cardio sessions. Basically, ive got a fire under my arse, and its not going out.

If you want to stay up to date with my training, and receive my workout tips, supplement reviews or get diet motivation then subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on;


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3 Easy Bicep Training Tips To Get Bigger Biceps Fast!

How To Increase Bicep Workout Intensity

How To Bigger Biceps FastMy arms are too big… said no guy ever. We all want bigger arms fast.

Ask the average guy what muscle they’d like to grow the quickest, and the answer will, 90% of the time, be bigger biceps. (Statistics provided by pulling them out of my ass)

From Arnold, to The Rock, nothing oozes “bad ass” more than a big set of arms.

I don’t care who you are, bodybuilder, powerlifter, crossfitter, or someone who wants to prance about in board shorts, slapping filters on your instagram photos with the caption of #bodybuildingismylife – you want bigger biceps.

The biceps are such a small muscle, yet people who have small arms seem to think that training them 2, 3 or 4 times a week, with 20 + sets per workout is the way to go.

What you probably need to do, is ditch your ego. Tweak your training. Work the muscle as opposed to just moving weight.

My arm’s aren’t the biggest. Heck, im guilty of wanting bigger arms! (I knew those stats were credible).

However, i’ve made solid gains over the past few years by working the bicep, through using the bicep training tips im about to share with you.

Here are 3 things i’d recommend you do in your arm workouts to increase the intensity of your bicep workouts, and to help you build bigger biceps fast.

1 – Take a Seat

Standing up allows you to swing, use momentum and cheat the weight up. Yes you can lift heavier. Or should i say, you can move a heavier weight. But you aren’t working the bicep effectively, and are probably failing to actually fatigue the muscle properly.

This is what you should try instead – Seated Dumbbell Curls.

The above video shows an example bicep workout program that i’ve used to get bigger biceps. The first exercise im doing is the seated dumbbell, utilising the bicep training tips below.

How To Do Seated Dumbbell Curls With Correct Form

  1. Instead, do your dumbbell curls sat down on a bench.
  2. Place your back against the bench.
  3. Push your chest out, keeping your shoulders back, and pinning your elbows to your side.
  4. Think of your elbow as a pivot. This is where the movement should be happening, ensuring that the bicep is what is working throughout the exercise.
  5. Squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement, before slowly lowering it back down.

You will of course need to use less weight, as you will now be placing stress directly on the bicep, as opposed to swinging the weight by moving your back and shoulders.

2 – One Arm at a Time

I find that using dumbbells over barbells or ez bars allows me to get a better contraction during my bicep workouts. The fastest way to get bigger biceps & arms is to hit the muscle as hard as possible, feed it with the correct nutrients, let it rest and repeat.

Sound’s like a t-shirt slogan, eat, sleep, bicep, repeat.

We can use the fancy term of “uni-lateral” exercises, however lets just keep it fucking simple and call it what it is.

One arm at a time.

There are a few approaches to take when doing single arm bicep exercises. Either alternate the arm with each rep, or do a set on one arm, before moving to the next.

Popular 1 arm bicep exercises would be;

  • Concentration Curls
  • Preacher Machine Curls

Complete your full set on one arm before moving to the next.

Bigger Biceps Fast


You can also alternate your arms when performing bicep exercises such as;

  • Hammer Curls
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls

Perform 1 rep with your right arm, then your left. Repeat until the set is done.

It sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of guys who struggle to really fatigue the bicep are used to doing both arms at the same time when performing dumbbell curls or hammer curls.

By alternating, it allows you to put every amount of effort into focusing on the muscle, squeezing and contract it, before moving onto the next side.

3 – Partial Reps

You may be used to going past failure on a set by using partial reps.

Instead of waiting training to failure on a set before using a partial rep however, add partial reps into your full exercise.

Don’t do it for your full workout, pick just 1 exercise to add this technique to.

Lets take the example of a barbell curl as your second movement, and let’s say you’re going for 10 reps.

  1. Complete the first rep, curling the bar to the top.
  2. Instead of lowering this back to starting position, lower it to the half way point.
  3. From the half way point, curl this back to the top.
  4. Then lower this to the bottom, counting it as 1 rep.

You will get a crazy pump from this, and may find yourself having to drop the weight after your first set. That’s ok. Aslong as your muscle is fatigued.

Let The Gains BeginBigger Biceps With Sergi Constance

There are a ton of more generic ways to increase the intensity of your workouts. Techniques such as forced reps, negative reps, supersets and dropsets are all popular.

The aim of this bicep article however was to pinpoint specific tweaks you could make to your bicep training, in order to help you get bigger biceps as fast as possible.

If you’ve struggled to get your arms to grow, then give then implement these above tips to your next bicep workout. Stick with them for 6-12 weeks and see how you’re arms have developed.

If you’ve any questions, then shoot a comment below, or get in touch with me on twitter or facebook.

Untill next time, keep clangin’ & bangin’!


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