Pokemon Rumble U Review

The first Pokemon Wii U Game has released! Lets take a look at Pokemon Rumble U for the Nintendo Wii in this Pokemon Rumble U Review

Ok so i bought the Pokemon Wii U Special edition of Pokemon Rumble U from GAME, for £19.99. This special edition contained the download code,a double sided poster and 2 figures. The figures come in pokeballs, one is either a black or white kyurem (this is random however) and then 1 other completely random figure. I got pikachu. I bought an additional Pokemon Rumble U NFC figure, thinking i needed them to play the game (i found out when i got home you don’t need them to play). This second figure was also Pikachu.

The poster is a checklist of the figures on one side, and a pokemon rumble u promotional graphic on the other side.

Like I say i thought you needed the figures to play the game, however you don’t. Having a figure and scanning it on the wii u game pad gives you it in game and allows you to upgrade it with the coins you receive in game.

I personally feel that a randomised figure for £3.99 is a bit expensive. Im 23, work full time in a fairly decent paying job and the though of having to pay £3.99 for a random figure is a bit of a bummer. If they were say £2 id imagine myself buying them fairly regular, as i would like to try and complete the collection.

I would guess that over time more figures will be added to the game, and we’ll see packs for sale, that takes the random element away. Although this is just me guessing.

The special edition is the only way to grab a white or black Kyurem as well. Lets take a closer look at the gameplay of this pokemon wii u game in the Pokemon Rumble U review.

Pokemon Rumble U Review

So onto the game. Super basic (as i expected) but at the same time super fun. Not having turned my wii u on in a good few weeks, this pokemon wii u game is exactly what i needed to get back onto my wii u.

I must have played this for a good 3 hours straight yesterday and didn’t grow tired of it. The game is played on different arena like stages. You and upto 3 friends (or you and 3 ai controlled pokemon) enter each stage. The goal is to defeat waves of Pokemon, and then a larger sized pokemon enters, acting as the boss of each stage. As you defeat pokemon, capsules (their graphical representation matching the capsules you buy from GAME) drop. At the end of each stage all the capsules open to reveal which pokemon you’ve caught (or as the game calls it, befriended) Along with capsules dropping, coins drop which can be used to continue in a stage if you’re pokemon faints (hp drops to 0) or to upgrade your NFC Pokemon Rumble U figure’s.

Gameplay boils down to mashing A or B depending on which attack you want to use. Some pokemon will have just 1 attack, whilst others come with 2. Elements come into play, for example the second stage see’s you taking on an army of ponyta’s, charmanders, charmeleons and other fire type pokemon before taking on Charizard. Picking an assortment of water Pokemon makes this ordeal a whole lot easier, resulting in super effective moves. You can become paralzed, confused etc, all the main status effects you’d expect from a pokemon styled game. Confused reverses your controls whilst paralysis renders your pokemon unable to move around the stage. Characters in Pokemon Rumble U are instantly recognisable, and are rendered in a polygon toy styled art, which is the same art style that the physical Pokemon Rumble U figures sport.

pokemon rumble u reviewAs all ready stated, the gameplay is super basic, however their is an addictive nature to the game as you try and and collect all 649 Pokemon in the game. Each stage will contain a set amount of Pokemon to collect, so it will take a few play throughs of each in order to catch em’ all. Along with collecting pokemon from stages, each level contains a series of challenges. These range from using both A & B attacks, using a super effective move and so on. This encourages players to mix up the Pokemon they’ll play as on each stage.

I played the game for 3 hours solid and didn’t become bored. The game would be even more fun however with friends. After picking your Pokemon, you can select 3 others to join you in battle, or have the computer randomise the selection. These other 3 characters are controlled by the AI and support you in each stage. However upto 3 other people could join in on the fun, each controlling a character. Due to the simplistic nature of the game, it should be easy to convince others to play with you, who wouldn’t normally play games. Its also a perfect introduction for kids to get into games. Im looking forward to getting my 3 year old nephew onto the game.

Multiplayer is co-operative, however there is an element of competitiveness in multiplayer. At the end of each stage, points are awarded to each player for how they performed. For example taking the least damage, defeating the most pokemon, scoring the last hit on a boss etc. Pokemon Rumble U really does offer a great party experience.
Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figures offer further customisation in game. Upon purchasing the game i thought you needed the figures to play, much like skylanders. My assumption was in order to play as a pokemon, you needed its corresponding figure. This is not the case. You do not need any figures to play the game. All 649 Pokemon can be captured and played as in game without having to buy a single Pokemon Rumble U NFC figure. These figures simply enhance gameplay by offering further customisation options. Pokemon obtained through NFC figures can be upgraded using the coins that drop throughout each stage. Additional moves can be purchased, and the power levels of pokemon can be upgraded. For me this is a great example of integration. Players who do not want to collect the figures can enjoy the whole experience, however those who want to upgrade their pokemon (which is not essential in order to enjoy or beat the game) can do so by purchasing the NFC pokemon figurines.

Whilst Pokemon Rumble U will not sore to the heights of skylanders due to it being a wii u exclusive, I would anticipate that the game will gain popularity and be a huge success for Nintendo. Pretty much anything with Pokemon or Pikachu attached to it is a money making machine. The game currently supports 18 NFC Figures. Japan has saw shiny Pokemon Rumble U NFC figures also, so it can be expected that the UK will receive them at some point. Expect to see more NFC figurines released overtime.

My biggest gripe at this point is pricing however. £19.99 for the special edition which contains 2 figures and the game, or just paying £13.49 for the game is a fair price. However I personally cannot see myself buying many of these figures at £3.99. After buying just 1 additional NFC figure, i already had 2 Pikachu’s. I realise that this is completely random, and being a big fan of the Pokemon TCG I realise that this is how random works. However for £3.99 this is a bit much. A price point of £2 would see myself, and many others buying these pokemon rumble u figures regularly. At the time of writing my Pikachu is on ebay with a bid of £3.20. Some people are trying to charge anywhere from £9.99-£19.99 at a buy it now price for figures. Only time will tell if they actually sell for this price.  I would like to collect the entire set, however I will more likely wait until they can be picked up on ebay for a cheaper price.

Should You Buy Pokemon Rumble U For Nintendo Wii U?

This depends on what you’re wanting out of a pokemon wii u game. Our ideal for a pokemon wii u title would be a fully fledged 3d pokemon rpg in the style of the gameboy and ds games. However this pokemon wii u game is not that. Its not even close. Pokemon Rumble U for Nintendo Wii is a simple arena brawler, that offers a very simple style of gameplay, that is surprisingly addictive and enjoyable. I played the game for 3 hours straight and didn’t grow bored. With friends the game would be even more enjoyable. £13.49, in my opinion, is a fair pricing point. £19.99 for the special edition is pretty good if you want to sample the nfc figures, and see what the nfc technology of the nintendo wii u is like. For this reason i would highly recommend it. Its fun, simple and has an addictive nature to it. The game is shallow, but does offer some depth in form of customisation for those who utilise the Pokemon Rumble U figurines.

If you’re not one for party games, or simplistic brawlers, and prefer a deeper experience, then you could pass on this and not be missing much. However if you’re wanting to satisfy you’re pokemon craving to catch em’ all then pick this up.

My final opinion is to buy this game, especially if you plan on playing with friends or family. However for the reasons listed above, you may want to skip it. I hope you’ve found this Pokemon Wii U Review of Pokemon Rumble U helpful. Let me know what figure’s you got with your game in the comments below and for more pokemon subscribe to my gaming channel by clicking HERE.

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