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Active Myprotein Discount Codes

Get 45% Off The Essential Vanilla bundle. Contains: Impact Whey, MP Max Thermo Extreme, Shaker, Sports Bottle, Scoop & Gym Bag – Expires Midnight 11th January

Get 2 x 2.5kg Bags of Impact Whey For Just £50! – A saving of over £12! For more information about this protein read this Impact Whey Protein Review.

35% OFF Protein Chox Protein Bars – Ends Midnight 14th January

50% OFF In The My Protein January Sale

Save upto 50% on clearance items (Click this link)


Active My Protein Discount Codes & Voucher Codes – Expire 30th March 2017

50% OFF In The My Protein January Sale

10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER – New Customers Only

25% Off New Products. Includes: CarBarley, Protein Crispies, & ISO 97, Micellar Casein & More

FREE NEXT DAY Delivery When You Spend Just £60

20% Off Weight Loss Products –

FREE HAND WRAPS – When you spend just £10 at myprotein

FREE Myprotein Athletic Vest – When you spend just £10

FREE INSANT OATS – When you spend just £40

FREE HEADPHONES – When you buy anything from the My Protein Snackshop

25% OFF – New Pills

25% OFF – Chocolate Orange Flavoured Products – This Myprotein Voucher Code Expires 31st January 2014

FREE Impact Whey for first time customers (can be stacked with 5% first time order code) 3 flavors available:

Benefits Of Myprotein Discount Codes

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How to use a Myprotein Discount Code

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About Myprotein

Myprotein are the market leading supplement retailer in Europe. Originating from a small garage set up for just £500, Myprotein has been able to grow into an international supplement retailer. They are able to offer cheap supplements, high quality, and a fantastic next day delivery service. From weight gainer powders to fat loss pills,protein powders and everything in between, Myprotein has something for everyone.

myprotein discount code

The My Protein storefront is structured in a way allowing customers to shop for supplements based on goals, performance or sport. For example an MMA combatant can browse the range of myprotein products based by filtering through all products that would be relevant to them. Whereas an individual looking to build muscle can easily view all supplements related to muscle gain. The choice of products available from Myprotein is one of the biggest in the supplement industry. The Myprotein product range, coupled with outstanding quality and next day delivery makes them one of the most competitive supplement retailers in the world.

Great Quality, Greater Prices

Myprotein supply the highest grade products, with the most competitive prices on the market, even before applying a myprotein discount code. The company infrastructure and processes allows Myprotein to buy in bulk, manufacture in house and pass these savings onto the public. My Protein also offers additional discount for bulk purchases. Each product has its own price breaking structure, meaning buying supplements in a higher quantity will result in cheaper prices. Adding a My Protein Discount Code to your order means these prices become even cheaper.

Wide Range Of Flavours

Many supplement retailers pump out products with great (or not so great) nutrition, and forget to make them taste nice. Myprotein produced high quality protein supplements, packed with a great taste and a huge range of flavours to pick from. Taste is always subjective. Some people like chocolate, some people hate it. Some people love marmite, some people hate it. With the Myprotein product range, you’re limited to the choice of flavours available. The Myprotein protein range offers dozens of different flavours to pick from.

Myprotein also offers a range of flavouring systems. This includes flavoured drops and flavoured powders. This means you can buy a bag of unflavoured protein, and mix and match your flavours.

High Quality Supplements

Myprotein are ISO9001 certified. Myprotein are a UKAS accreddited comopany. Myprotein supply only the highest grade creatine supplements such as Creapure, and Ker Alkalyn. Their Protein concentrate, whey isolate and hydrolsyed protein powders are all made of the best blends. Using a myprotein discount code means you don’t pay over the odds for this quality.

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