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NABBA USN Novice Finals 2013 Class 2 Judging, Results & Routines

This past Sunday marked the end of my 1st year of competitive bodybuilding! I began 2013 at around 215 lbs, and my goal was to lose fat and get shredded ready for my first bodybuilding show in May, the NABBA

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Lee Priest Guest Posing At UK Bodybuilding Show

Lee Priest To Guest Pose At The Open Mr & Mrs British Isle Bodybuilding Competition The Open Mr & Mrs British Isle Bodybuilding Competition will see bodybuilding legend Lee Priest guest posing following his appearance competition in Mr Universe. Hosted

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Why didn’t Phil Heath & Kai Greene Compete at The Arnold Classic 2013?

Bodybuilding Stars Kai Greene & Phil Heath Interviewed So the Arnold Classic 2013 has been and gone. Dexter Jackson sliced through the competition like a knife through butter, claiming the Arnold Classic 2013 titles and the $130,000 cold hard cashola

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