Lee Priest Guest Posing At UK Bodybuilding Show

Lee Priest To Guest Pose At The Open Mr & Mrs British Isle Bodybuilding Competition

The Open Mr & Mrs British Isle Bodybuilding Competition will see bodybuilding legend Lee Priest guest posing following his appearance competition in Mr Universe.

Hosted by Eddy Ellwood, a record holding 5 time Mr Universe winner and former professional strongman competitor, the show will be held in Hartlepool on October 27th. The show was formerly organised by professional bodybuilding association NABBA. However after a number of years absence of hosting the show, Eddy Ellwood has reincarnated the show, allowing aspiring bodybuilders from any background or organisation to take part. The show is open to both men & women, with cash prizes ranging between £250 and £750 for winners.

The show will be hosted in the Hartlepool Borough Hall, which also hosts the annual NABBA North Britain bodybuilding show. The show comes at an opportunistic time for competitors, as around this time there are many others bodybuilding shows being hosted throughout the UK. The Mr & Mrs British Isle is an open show, meaning anyone can compete. Fans and spectators can expect a night of entertainment outside of the competitive bodybuilding, as popular dance group Rough Diamondz will also be performing at the show. Pre Judging will take place earlier in the day, which spectators can also attend. Food & drink will be served all day, along with retail stands offering a range of bodybuilding clothing for sale throughout the day.

What will likely be the highlight of the night for bodybuilders and fan’s of bodybuilding will be the presence of Lee Priest. The former IFBB professional, Mr Olympia competitor and star of Blonde Myth will be guest posing at the event. This will come just weeks after his appearance at the NABBA Universe competition, so fans can expect to see Lee show up in excellent shape. Following his appearance at the Mr & Mrs British Open Isle, the next day Lee will be delivering a bodybuilding seminar on Monday the 28th of August, again in the Hartlepool Borough Hall.

For more information head over to The Open Mr & Mrs British Isle Facebook Page

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