Bodybuilding Posing Tips: The Importance Of Posing On Stage

Hiya folks, Sam back here. For my second entry to the site, i would like to talk about the importance of posing in bodybuilding, and the little tricks that can make a massive difference to your physique when your up on that stage.

Im the guy in the red pants.

My first competition was the Nabba England first timers 2013 were i placed 2nd to a guy who, lets say deserved to win, as he was a touch more conditioned than myself!

I went into this competition not knowing a great deal about posing as i train at a gym in my hometown of Chesterfield called Lifestyle fitness. The gym has some of the best adjustable dumbbells, traditional gym equipment etc. Unfortunately where it excels in gym equipment, it lacks in a person to ask for advice and guidance in terms of competing (unlike some who have Eddy Ellwood knocking about *cough*Adam*cough*). So for me to learn, it was a case of watching back bodybuilding clips on Youtube, past Mr Olympias, Pumping Iron and and the like to hit the bread and butter poses.

Bodybuilding Posing To Improve On Stage Presence

The next competition for me was the Nabba Midlands Novice 2014 were i placed 3rd. The two who placed above me i placed several places above them, only 3 weeks after in the NABBA British finals by bringing more condition and better posing. Now obviously if i would of done this in the midlands i would of smashed it….. but ooo well im only in the early stages of competing im always learning and improving :).

Ok now back to the focus of this entry… Posing. The next video i provide below (red pants, tallest guy). You will notice that my posing is far from perfect but not bad by anymeans. When i perform a front double bicep you will notice i really flex my abs, also head is down when hitting a lat spread and also im not showing much of my physique when popping a side tricep. Also the positioning of my feet doesnt do my legs any favours.

Some Of The Best Bodybuilding Posing Tips I Could Receive

Now the lucky part. A Couple of my Mrs friends’ were sat directly behind a couple of names you guys will know…. Dave Titterton, Max O’connor and Richard Gozdecki. Good old Laura was tab hanging and heard them say that guy has a fantastic physique but he needs to open up more and show off what he has got. So after having Max on twitter i noticed him and Rich were running a posing class down at a gym in Leamington Spa called the workout mill. I shortly received some of the best bodybuilding posing tips i’ve ever received.

After exchanging a few messages on twitter i was booked onto it and made my way down to Leamington. I must say if you get chance to visit this gym it is rather different, its based on several floors and has some wicked looking bits of equipment. Whilst down there i got some fantastic advice with my posing and ways to pose to suite my physique. The key alterations were front double bicep, previously i would stand with both quads flexed facing forward and flex my abs, Max suggested i dont flex my abs at all and take a deep breath and have one leg out to the side flexed with my foot raised.

NABBA Novice Adam Sam Bodybuilding Posing


I couldnt believe how much bigger and wider i looked by doing this, by breathing in and stretching out my torso alot more made my waist look tiny and obviously being show ready you could clearly see thick slabs of abs popping through regardless off flexing them, he also had me pushing my knee into my hamstring on a side chest shot and getting down lower which worked a treat. On the relaxed pose previous i would stand yet again with abs flexed, this was now changed to relaxed abs breathing in and stretching out which made me look a hundred times better. As you will see with the below video my side tricep i step back with the right leg and twist as much as possible, this also gives the waist a better look.

Here I am again, tallest guy in the middle rocking my all new blue leopard print panties boooom!

So in conclusion folks get your posing spot on it really can give your physique a new look. If you come accross any posing classes or workshops run by experienced names in the game via twitter/facebook or whatever it may be look into it because it will be money well spent.

Thanks for reading.



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