Before and After Weight Loss Pictures EXPOSED

before and after weight loss

Before and After Weight Loss – How Do They Fake It?

We’ve all seen them, before and after weight loss pictures on youtube, the internet, forum banners, website side bars. These before and after weight loss pictures are used heavily in marketing campaigns for workouts such as p90x and sixpackshortcuts. These photograps show weight loss before and after the subject has undergone the advertised workout plan. Hell you might even see the same before and after weight loss picture, featuring the same guy or girl for 2 different systems. Why you’re asking? Because im willing to bet that 90% of these so called amazing workout routines (and their before and after weight loss pictures) and diet plan that promise you a ripped physique in just 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks are’t actually 8 week workouts. The owners of these systems, or the marketing departments behind these workout plans, will go scowling the internet looking for pictures of weight loss and slap their brand on them. More commonly though, they’ll take a member of the team who is in decent physical shape and FAKE the before and after photo’s. How do they fake these before and after weight loss pictures? I explain in this video below.

The process to fake pictures of weight loss is simple. The weight loss transformation in the video above was accomplished in just 5 minutes. With no expensive workout plan, no fancy diet, just 5 minutes of my time. Lets take a look at how its done.

The Before Photo

The before and after weight loss BEFORE picture.In the before photo here is a checklist of what you need

  • Bloated stomach
  • Miserable face
  • Bad lighting
  • Bad posture

In this before picture I simple stood slouching forward, arching my back to extenuate my stomach. I was breating out to expand my abdominals to enhance the fat look. The bad lighting hides any and all of your definition and the miserable face makes you look exactly that, miserable. In these marketing campaigns, advertisers play on your emotions that because you’re over weight, or super skinny that you’re miserable and unhappy. I took photo after hours of just sitting on my pc. If you can get a bad quality camera that will also help. You can make your before photo even worst with some of these following tips.

By overeating “bad food” you can bloat yourself even more. Stuffing your face with carbonated drinks, anything fizzy, will give you a bloated look. Combine this with overeating, whether that’s over eating on boiled rice, chicken breasts, pizza or ice cream, if you over eat you’ll feel stuff and your belly will look bigger. Doesn’t matter if its healthy food or not. Make sure you haven’t got a pump, so just sit around for a few hours. Then go into a room with bad lighting and shoot away.

The After Photo

The before and after weight loss picture – AFTER photo.
So you’ve got your before photo. Looking like a couch potato, miserable, unhappy with life and wanting a weight out. What will make you happier? Well a before and after weight loss picture to show off on the internet right This is what I did for my after photo:

  • 50 push ups
  • 1 set of 15 bicep curls
  • 1 set of 15 dumbbell shoulder presses
  • Flexed
  • Good lighting conditions
  • Smiled

Literally this photo was taken 5 minutes after. My before and after weight loss picture was done in the space of 5 minutes. By working your chest, biceps and shoulders, it will give you an upper body pump, increasing vasculatiry, getting blood into the muscle and making them look bigger. This makes the before and after weight loss look even more impressive. When you have your pump, its also important to hit a good pose that enhances your physique. I took a side shot for my before weight loss picture, so I took a side chest photo for my after weight loss picture. Im now looking a lot more muscular and have some vascularity in my arms. This weight loss before and after experiment shows how easy it is to change your physique, and should put some doubt into your mind about the adverts you see online.

When you see a body transformation picture on line, let it inspire you. Let it motivate you. Don’t let these before and after weight loss pictures have you grabbing for your wallet or credit card. If you’re desperate to lose weight it might be easy to get sucked in my these marketing images. Please, use some common sense and think about the pictures you are seeing before acting however.

Everyone who goes to the gym does so to look better. That’s why these before and after weight loss images are so appealing. Whether your goal is to get ripped and lose weight, bulk up and add muscle, its easy to lose interest when you don’t see immediate results. The allure of a 4 week workout, accompanied by a killer before and after weight loss picture to get you from fat to ripped is almost too good to be true. In 90% of the cases, that’s because they are. Im not saying these workouts don’t work, im just saying, don’t set your expectations too high and jump into one of these workouts blindly, and don’t thinkg you’re going to achieve the before and after weight loss you see in the pictures.

If you really want to change, then browse this site, browse my youtube or grab yourself a solid workout and diet plan online or from a professional trainer. So the next time you see a before and after weight loss picture what will you think? Let me know in the comments below…


Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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