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One of the great things, that i’ve not spoken much about, i’ve found in Bodybuilding is the new friends and range of people you make and meet. We’ve all got our gym buddies, whether these are guys we met in the gym (bromance for life) or friends you had from outside the gym, and started training together. However competing as a bodybuilder and working out are two completely separate beasts. You can go hardcore in the gym for 45 minutes, and let shit hit the fan for the other 23 hours and 15 minutes of the day and not progress. Bodybuilding on the other hand, is a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

Im in a lucky position that my training partner, Martin, is a competitive bodybuilder. The gym I train at, Xtreme Fitness, is ran by Eddy Ellwood, a 5 time Mr Universe. There are quite a few people in my gym who compete, and are at a very high standard, such as the NABBA North Britain overall winner Tony Ellot and class 4 winner, Ste Wright. I even run my own NABBA Workout Journal on this site, and document my training and diet over on my Youtube Channel.

Being so heavily involved in bodybuilding, its refreshing to be surrounded, and meet others, who follow the same mantra as yourself. They don’t just train. They don’t just workout. They bodybuild. They don’t ask the same, meaningless questions about ‘which pre workout should i take to help me make gains’. They don’t consider moderate weight sets of 8 as ‘hardcore training’. They don’t look at you as if you’re a tit when you strip down to your boxers (or ravishing red posing trunks) after a workout to check out the never ending rat race of chasing gains.

Sam Lovie is one of these guys.

I met Sam at the NABBA Britain Finals 2014. He was competing in the Novice Category with me, and the Son of a bitch opened up a can of whoop ass, and poured it all over me, nabbing 5th place, and cementing me in 6th!

We got talking backstage, and got talking during the afternoon show. A bromance was formed over the sharing of an NRG Flapjack (you know this tasted the shit Sam).

With us both competing in the NABBA Britain Finals in the Novice category, and placing 5th and 6th, we are obviously very closely matched, and at a similar level within our bodybuilding careers. I know that i’ll be stood on stage next to him at some point in the future, which I look forward to!

Sam will be contributing to the blog, sharing his bodybuilding experiences, talking about nutrition, workouts and reviewing supplements. Below is his introductory post, and I look forward to having him on board!

Take it away Sam!

Hello folks, 

First of all i would like to thank Adam for getting me involved with this. After constant research over the years and reading various articles on the internet gaining knowledge for bodybuilding this is a place were i can share my views on diet, nutrition and supplementation, this will not be up to a Dr Serrano muscular development standard!. I will be aiming my posts towards your every day clanger and banger and competitive bodybuilder.

I met Adam at a recent competition we both did, the Nabba Britain Novice class, after the pre-judging i plonked myself down with my cheesecake and friji milkshakes and looked to my left and recognized Adam from the UK muscle forum prep blog he created.  Approached him saying heeyyy your that guy from the blog, within minutes we were sharing treats by him offering first pick into his mammoth bag of goodies which included numerous reese’s peanut bunnies. I did not wanna take a mans chocolate rabbit after numerous weeks dieting lol, so opted for a NRG flapjack what adam recommended and was real goo. TBF he would push them onto me rather than the hersheys and reeses etc and all the good stuff haha OJ dude. 

About myself –  soooooooo, my names Sam Lovie, DOB – 25/4/1989. I have been training since i was 17.  First year or so of training i was hopping around the gym from one machine to another blasting all my body as you do as a newbie and didn’t have a workout plan in place.  NABBA Novice Adam Sam

Then following, what i thought at the time was a healthy diet combined with me playing football, boxing, running and the gym i became shredded, but practically i was a skinny fuck. Like a fat bitch with tits, a skinny guy with abs doesn’t cut it.  So i got sick of looking an average Joe with clothes on when i busted my ass in the gym day in, day out, yes i looked decent topless but wanted to look chunky and a big mofo with clothes on also.  

So from 18 to approx 22 i plonked on the pounds, again following what i thought to be a healthy diet (which made me fat!) and got up to 23ST at my heaviest…… YES 23 FOOOKIN STONE…. you could say at this point i looked big with clothes on haha. TBH being 6,4 i carried it fairly well, but looking back now, i was just a big hefty bloated lump. More like a strongman rather than a bodybuilder.  

At this weight my training was a mixture between strongman and bodybuilding, some decent poundages being pushed out , benching 4 1/2 plates a side, squating 6 plates a side etc.  Diet at this point….. lets say on average it was 60% BRO food, the other 40% was practically whatever really.  Remember the mammoth 2500 weight gainer….. well im sure that contributed to the epic 23stone bloated chunk because a shake used to consist of 4 scoops,oats, nut butter,eggs, frozen fruit and ice cream, yes it tasted real good but was fuckin plastered with sugars and OTT on calories.

Now forget Rich piana and his mutant mass, meal, meal replacements, shakes etc. Pre-workout me and a few pals used to make the shake as just stated but chuck a handful of dbol, oxy’s and any fuckin tablet what was on top of the fridge in the supplement stack and blend the fucker up, YYYESSSS tablets into a blender lol,  thinking back this was just stupid and those shakes were just for a giggle but to this day thinking back it puts a smile on my face and adds to the fun times on this bodybuilding journey. 

One day i was pounding away with a chest session ( not fueled btw on a dbol mammoth shake lol ) I was bench pressing a brutus poundage and felt a horrible tear accross my chest, instantly i thought my pectoral had completly detached off the bone and couldnt face taking my shirt off to see the deformed fucked up mess of an injury i had just experienced.  To my shock i had i decent range of movement still and no visable damage so obviously there was no major issues although this did put me out of training still for a good few weeks ( my usual routine anyway ).  

So within this time i was obviously training lighter and got involved with something alien to myself…….. Cardio equipment :).  Within a couple of weeks weight was coming off my frame at a decent rate and my muscles were taking more shape etc.  I was loving these results, and combined with obviously educating myself on diet/training and supplementation along the way i now compete recently placing above ADAM FOSTER HIMSELF, ABOVE ADAM FOSTER HIMSELF  REEPPPEEATTT X10 LOL  OJ BUDDY :) lol in the NABBA British Finals Novice Class.  Currently been competing since Sept 2013 so less than 1 year placing in every show i have done and that continues to be my target throughout my journey. 

Keep checking the site for my contribution…… planning on some cool videos in the future but under strict instructions from my soon to be wife to be that the kitchen needs to be spotless when filming…. hard for a bodybuilder eating every 2-3 hours creating a huge amount of dirty pots haha. Until then you can check out some of the recipes Adam has over on his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/shreddybrek


Cheers folks, thanks for reading. 

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Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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