My Skinny To Muscle Transformation – A Skinny Guy Transformation

Hey guys, today i want to share my Skinny to Muscle Transformation with you all. Cos lets face it, no one wants to be the skinny guy. Ronnie Coleman wasn’t born with ability to leg press 1 tonne of weight. Jay Cutler wasn’t born with massive quads. Phil Heath wasn’t born a Mr Olympia.

Why am i mentioning these world class bodybuilders in my skinny to muscle transformation? They were all skinny at one point. Whether as a kid, or as a teenager. These skinny guys developed monsterous, dominant physiques. Now I am in no way comparing myself to top level bodybuilders like Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler or Kai Greene. However what I do share with these legends, is the fact that none of us were born with muscular physiques. When I was a kid I was fat, overweight. I then went skinny. Really skinny. I was looking to format my computer a few days ago and came across old footage of me, from when I was probably around 19 years old. This is my Skinny To Muscle Transformation.

For my non regular readers or youtube viewers, My name is Adam. Im an aspiring bodybuilder who has been lifting since a Teenager. At the time of writing this post, Im 23. I set up the Shreddybrek Youtube Channel In December 2012, closer to January 2013 to document my skinny to muscular transformation videos, bodybuilding transformation videos, training, share my fitness advice and try and entertain. When I first started my channel and website, I was around 215 lbs, and was preparing for my first every bodybuilding show, the NABBA North Britain 2013. 2013 was about dropping body fat and getting into contest shape. After a good few years of bulking, and adding size, I was left with a decent frame, but aesthetically speaking, i was ass-thetically looking.

skinny guy transformation

Before we go into the back story of what led me to bulking, cutting, working out etc, I want to sum up this Skinny to Muscle Transformation. In the skinny photo’s, I weighed, probably around 160-165lbs. I can’t remember how old I will have been, as I cant quite place when the videos were taken. It will have probably been when I was anywhere between 18-20 years old however. The after photo’s are from last year and this year.

However I wasn’t always 215 lbs of fat/muscle. I used to weigh around 160 lbs as a teenager. After being overweight as a kid, and being a massive WWE fan, I wanted to get in shape and get a better body. Years of eating junk, and not exercising led to me getting overweight. I was a big fan (see addicted) of MMORPG’s as a kid, and when not at school would spend pretty much all my time divided between playing Legend Of Mir (comment if you know wtf this is!), my PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. When not gaming, I was watching Pokemon, Dragonball Z, WWE or playing and swapping Yu-Gi-Oh cards and the like. As geeky as all this is, I still do all of this now! Surprisingly, I was never bullied for being overweight, so there’s no sad, soppy story to pull at your heart strings here. I’ve made more progress in just 2013 than I have since I was a teenager, largely thanks to Eddy Ellwood. Eddy is a 5 time Mr Universe winner, owns the gym I train at (which I started training at last year), and I literally cannot thank him enough for all the advice and help he has given me.

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I was able to lose my ‘puppy fat’ mainly by just sorting my diet out, this was while I was still in school. I toned down on the biscuits, sweets, crisps and other crap, and voila, I lost weight. I started using my older brother’s dumbbell set, hitting bicep curls, concentration curls, and coming up with the most awkward chest press movements to perform at home. As i left school I started a crappy gym and got a weight set. Looking back now, my diet was wrong, my weight training was wrong (which is why I ended up so skinny) , but I was able to lose weight and start working out.

Muscular transformation

Where I went wrong was not eating enough, and training too much. I’d hit weights every day, following crappy routines, and would neglect carbs, but overload on protein. Through college I wasn’t super skinny, but i was ‘slim’ (although my baby bicep’s were poppin’ in small skin tight t-shirts).

body transformation skinny to muscular

I started a different gym, and began training with my friends Uncle. He was no bodybuilder, but he was big, looked good, and was strong. I adjusted my diet, was following a better routine, and guess what I made progress. I quickly fell into the trap of wanting more weight on the bar, and more weight on the scale. I lost sight of what I looked like, in the pursuit of ‘looking big’. I discuss this in my 10 month before and after weight loss transformation. Prior to hitting the 215lb mark I was in that transformation however, I had previously been 219lbs. Again a combination of muscle, but with a lot of fat. I ended up cutting, and getting down to really skinny weight. Again because of not eating enough and doing too much cardio. I’d lost my fat, but I lost a ton of muscle to.

mens body transformation

Unfortunately I can’t quite place where the skinny footage in the above video was from. I don’t know if it was before I began to bulk to 219lbs, or if it was after I cut down from 219lbs.

What I do know is I was super skinny a few years ago, and now im not. Im still no where near the size, shape or condition I want to be. But then I don’t think any fitness athlete or bodybuilder ever is.

amazing bodybuilding transformation

This is simply my skinny to muscle transformation, from what I looked like when I was younger, and what I look like now.

best muscle transformation

Doing this hasn’t been easy, but it certainly isn’t as hard as what I thought all those years ago. Im now in my 2nd year of competing, which i’m documenting in my NABBA Training Journal. The NABBA North Britain 2014 will be my 4th show. I’d also like to compete in some men’s physique shows later this year to.

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Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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  1. Jonathan smith says:

    Hey i’m really impressed with your progress and i find you a huge inspiration more than a lot of guys on the net. I have been training for a few years on and off but want to get to a good size and compete my self (hopefully!!) keep doing what you do love the videos and your from Boro same here well 9 miles out.

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