My Amazing 10 Month Before and After Weight Loss Body Transformation

Hi guys, Im Adam, but i’m known by most people online as Shreddybrek. This is my 10 month before and after weight loss body transformation. I started the year off (January 2013) at 215 lbs (although in a previous bulking period, i actually hit 219 lbs). Prior to undergoing any kind of before and after weight loss transformation, i had been bulking throughout the majority of 2012, successfuly gaining weight and strength, although despite eating clean the weight I was gaining wasn’t all quality weight. I had gained a fair amount of fat through this bulking phase due to eating too many carbs, protein and fats. I was overeating on all my macros. And this is me now, having completed by 10 month body transformation.

before and after weight loss transformation shreddybrek

As of November 2013, the end of my before and after weight loss transformation, im weighing in at 189 lbs, with bodybuilding contest conditioning. I’ve transformed my body quite a bit throughout this before and after weight loss journey. The video below shows my entire before and after weight loss transformation for the year of 2013, thus far (January – November). I made this video as it caps off my 1st year of competitive bodybuilding. I’ve managed to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time this year for my bodybuilding contest preperation. I want to share my experiences of undergoing this before and after weight loss body transformation with everyone, showing that if you put your mind to something, work hard, absorb information and have patience you can get results and gains (and we all love DEM gains m i rite?!?). And hey, if i’ve been able to lose weight and gain muscle, you all can to. Oh yeah, and there’s no secret chinese scientists behind this muscle gain, and weight loss body transformation ;). I’ll be uploading further information about my before and after weight loss transformation containing:

  • Workout Split
  • Diet
  • Supplement recommendations

So make sure to subscribe to the blog (right hand of the screen – its FREE) to be notified of when these posts & videos will be going live. Until then though, here is a bit more background about my before and after weight loss body transformation. Ive been training since a teenager, and got into lifting weights because of wrestling. As a kid i was overweight, and loved wrestling. I was never really bullied for being fat, so unfortunately this isn’t gonna be one of those heart churning body transformation, life story videos (although i will do another video documenting a life body transformation in the future) but one when i was a teenager i’d had enough of being fat and overweight. Seeing the awesome physiques of wwe superstars like the rock, triple h as a kid made me acustomed to that look. As a teenager i was further influenced by the physiques of guys like John Cena & Batista. This inspired me to change my body when I was a teenager, and thats when my journey began… but that’s another story for another video. Lets cut back to January of this year.


My 10 Month Before and After Weight Loss Journey

I started the year off at 215 lbs. With a hoodie on my friends thought i was a monster, i thought i was a beast. I got a buzz whenever someone would tell me “man you’ve got bigger” “adam your chest is looking huge” and this spurred me on to gain more muscle… or at least what i thought was more muscle. During my bulking phase I was obsessed with adding size, adding mass, and getting stronger and gaining weight. I always ate clean, and never really craved junk food. My downfall was my overeating on all my macro’s. At the time i thought “im bulking” “im getting stronger!” Looking back, I was adding minimal mass, and growing a big fat ass. After toying with the idea of competing in bodybuilding for about 2 years, this year I took the plunge and seeked out the advice of former Mr Universe, Eddy Ellwood.

I was told that I was 10 lbs too heavy for what my “off season” condition should be. Armed with a new diet, I immediately set work on it that night. The following week I signed up at Xtreme Fitness, ran by Eddy Ellwood, and started following his training split. Fast forward to May and I was in my first bodybuilding show, the NABBA North Britain. I looked a hell of a lot better than I did in January, however i still wasn’t good enough. Although, i think anyone in bodybuilding, fitness or just wanting to achieve an aesthetic physique will always think that.

I never placed anywhere in this comp, as was expected, but it motivated me for my next show, which i thought at the time would be the NABBA North Britain 2014. I was pleased with what i achieved in 14 weeks, and wanted to better myself again and try and do well in 2014. Then Eddy Ellwood hosted the Open Mr & Miss British Isle, so i spent about 13 weeks or so dieting down for that. I got 3rd, out of 6 guys, which was awesome, and an invite to the USN Novice finals which took place 3 weeks later. I took part in that and got 3rd again! (Although there was only 3 of us competing that time)

Have you undergone a before and after weight loss transformation?

And that’s my before and after weight loss transformation for 2013 guys. I have a ton of videos up on my youtube channel, and articles right here on the site. Of course i have haters. Im pretty sure i have 1 subscriber who subs me purely to dislike everyone of my videos, and I know that some of my so called friends in real life will watch each of my videos cringing at the site of me on their pc monitor or tablet screen. If i gave a fuck about what people thought though, id still probably be 215 lbs of chubby muscle. Also, i hope any females watching this won’t be put off or think only a man can do this. Also, don’t fall into the marketing trap of thinking that protein shakes for women. Whilst I use supplements, the supplement industry is powered by marketing, try and be smart before spending money!

If nothing else I hope this video has shown what you can achieve in 10 months when it comes to fat loss, muscle gain and a body transformation. Use it as motivation, use it as a springboard to start your own transformation, and if you do, be sure to let me know down in the comments below.

If you wanna know what my training split is, how i work out my macros, what food i eat, and what supplements I use, then be sure to subscribe to the blog,
as over the next few days ill be uploading articles about my diet, supplements and workouts.


10 months ago I didn’t think i’d look like I do now. Undergoing this before and after weight loss body transformation i’ve lost 30 lbs & gained a ton of muscle. I’ve gone from chubby muscle to looking good on a bodybuilding stage. How will you look in 10 months? Start your before and after weight loss journey today and let me know about it! I’ll feature you on the blog!

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Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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