6 Cardio Exercises At Home For Fat Loss

Cardio Exercises At Home are a great way to lose weight quickly. If you want to lose fat fast to drop a dress size, or if you’re looking to get fitter then there are a number of great cardio exercises at home that you can do. Cardio is short for cardiovascular work, which is the type of exercise that is performed to lose weight and increase fitness. Of course no amounts of cardio exercises at home will give the optimal results, unless a healthy, calorie controlled diet is followed. If you’re looking to lose weight fast by working out at home, along with using a protein powder for weight loss, and thinking that some easy home exercises will get you into shape without having to eat healthy you’re wrong. Combine these home cardio exercises along with a balanced, healthy diet, and you will see great results.

Cardio Exercises At Home

This video shows a great home ab workout, that when performed quickly doubles up as cardio exercises at home also. A home fat loss workout such as this shows a series of good cardio exercices to do at home to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

By combining the above home ab workout with some of the cardio exercises to do at home we will list below, you will have a great fat burning home workout. Below you will find cardio exercises to lose weight that if followed correctly, will provide healthy weight loss and fat loss results. Lets take a look at the cardio exercises at home.

Star Jumps

cardio exercises at homeStar jumps are perhaps one of the most commonly known and performed exercises throughout the world. To perform this cardio exercises at home jump in the air, whilst spreading your arms and legs out, in the shape of a star. Make sure to land the jump in a gentle manner with your knees together, and bring your hands to the side of your body. Keep your core tight and abs tensed during this and all cardio exercises at home.

Side Lunge

Side lunges are great cardio exercises at home to perform when beginning a cardio home wokout. Stand with a wide stance hold your arms straight out. Bend by the waist, keeping your stomach tensed and tight. Take your right arm and move it towards your left foot. After you have done this, repeat the move in mirror fashion with your other arm. If you feel a pain in your lower back, you can bend your back slightly.

Bodyweight Squats

A great leg and thigh exercise that can easily be performed at home. Stand with your feet close to each other, pointing slightly outwards. Squat down, by bending at the knee’s whilst maintaining a straight back. Sticking your chest out will help maintain a straight back. Squat down until your legs are parallel with the floor, then power yourself back up. If you perform this exercise it not only works your thighs and legs, but if you perform it for a minute continuous, it is a great cardio exercise at home.


To perform a burpee, from a standing position, quickly squat down so your hands are touching the floor. With your hands planted on the floor, kick your legs back so your body is almost straight, and so your toes are touching the floor. Jump back into the squat position and then perform a squat to standing position. Burpees are a taxing exercise, and will prove a great fat burning exercise.

Knee Raise

Place your arms, straighten, above your head as if you’re trying to touch the sky. Raise your right knee whilst bringing your arms down. Imagine you are grabbing a burglars face, and dragging them down to knee them. Alternate each leg for 2 minutes continually.


Lunges are another great leg exercise to do at home, as well as being a great cardio exercise as part of a home cardio circuit workout. To perform a lunge, take a step forward with your right leg, bending your left knee to tap the floor. Return your right leg back to standing position and alternate the lunging leg.

Hopefully these caardio exercises at home will help you put together a great fat burning, weight loss home workout. Women looking to workout from home in order to lose weight could really benefit from exploring what the best protein shakes for women are. The Journal Of Obesity carried out research showing that men & women supplementing their diet with a protein powder could lose more weight than those who didn’t use a protein powder. So, by following these 6 cardio exercises at home for fat loss, along with supplementing a healthy diet, with a protein powder, you’ll be on track to long term, healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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