How I Get All My Bodybuilding Supplements Dirt Cheap

Since starting weight training i’ve tried a number of different supplements from a number of different brands. What any bodybuilder, athlete or weight lifter wants from their supplements is 3 things. High quality, great taste, low price. Getting a cheap protein powder or cheap bodybuilding supplements is easy. Getting cheap bodybuilding supplements, with a great taste that is of high quality can be perceived as harder than a 1 legged 200kg squat. However over the years i’ve been able to get high quality, cheap bodybuilding supplements that have allowed me to transform my body from “skinny-fat” to competitive bodybuilder.

How I Get Cheap Bodybuilding Supplements

Cheap Bodybuilding Supplements

Through all the brands i’ve tried, I’ve found myprotein to offer both high quality supplements, at rock bottom prices. Whilst I’ve not tried all of their products, and I do not rely solely on myprotein products (I don’t believe any 1 company has the best type of every single supplement), myprotein provides me with the staples which I consider to be:


The great thing about myprotein is that they always seem to have a range of offers on their products. Better yet however, using a myprotein discount code will allow you to nab cheap protein powder, and other great high quality sports nutrition supplements for the cheapest possible prices. offers a wide range of protein discount codes, and other voucher codes for sports nutrition supplements, across all brands. So whether you’re wanting to pack on weight for cheap with a cheap mass gainer, or just want a cheap protein powder, definitely check these guys out.

Try Before You Buy With Free Supplement Samples

Don’t be a mug and blindly shed out a ton of cash on a supplement you’ve either; never heard of, has mixed reviews, or is in a high street store. I’ve not bought supplements blindly for years. Its always best to read reviews of products before shelling out for them, but better yet, its better to actually try these supplements with free supplement samples. I have a huge bag full of them at home  that companies keep sending me. If there is a particular supplement you’re on the fence about make sure to either get a sample, or read a review before buying it, and always check online using a site such as cheap protein discount codes before you even consider going to the high street.

Im able to get my free supplement samples through a number of means. The most effective way I use is due to my youtube channel. On my Shreddybrek Youtube channel, I started at reviewing a number of products I regularly use. As my subscriber base grew, and I started to notice activity on my channel, I was able to reach out to sports supplement brands that I regularly used, such as Myprotein, and let them know of how great I think there products are, along with what my viewers think. I would then ask if there were any products they would like reviewing, or mention products that people would request that I review. Surely enough I began receiving free bodybuilding supplement samples.

What Supplements Should You Buy?

This comes down solely to your goals, your budget, and how important you hold your training. For many people a cheap protein powder will be enough. Some casual gym goers won’t even use  a protein supplement. Below is a list of supplements I would recommend you buy for “general” use.

Protein Powder
Multi Vitamins
Vitamine E
Vitamin B12

On top of this “essential” supplement list, there are other optional supplements you may wish to try depending on what your goal is. For example, those looking to pack on mass, and struggle to eat would benefit from a weight gainer supplement. For those who are wanting to lose fat may benefit from a fat burner.


No i don’t mean the Chinese or pizza shop variety.

Never pay full price for supplements. Take advantage of & their protein discount codes.

Never buy supplements from the high street on a whim.

Keep Clangin’ & Bangin’

I hope this article allows you to save a little bit of money on your next supplement purchase guys.

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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