Best Bodybuilding Supplements To Help Build Muscle

Best Supplements I’d Recommend

Optimum Nutrition 100% Platinum Hydro Whey Turbo Chocolate 3.5 lb Supports Muscle Recovery

Only use this post workout. Hydrolysed protein is a fast absorbing protein. You only need protein that absorbs this fast post workout. Its expensive but using it post workout only will means it last.

New 5KG Matrix Nutrition Whey Protein Powder. Chocolate flavour Matrix Whey is a flexible product which is ideally suited for those looking for a cost-effective supplement to use in conjunction with a training programme aimed at increasing weight and muscle mass.

A cost effective, cheap protein powder. I personally wouldn o longer by the cheaper protein, but i have used this in the past when i was trying to cut down supplement spend, and was bodybuilding on a budget.
Micropure Creatine Monohydrate 500g Re-sealable Pouch – 200 days (maintenance) supply – Fast Delivery

Creatine monohydrate. Don’t get sucked into marketing. There are different types of creatine, but monohydrate it the most popular and common. 10g a day. 2 x 5g teaspoons. 8 weeks on 4 weeks. off. You can do whats called a loading phase were you take 25g the first 5 days, but studies are contradictory as to whether or not this is effective, or a waste of money in order to get you to use your creatine quicker.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 2270 g Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Shake Powder

The #1 whey protein supplement on the market. Again expensive, but if cost isn’t an issue go for it.

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