Guy Curls 170 lbs with Home Made Exoskeleton

Remember fighting Metal Gear Rex at the end of Metal Gear Solid?

Seeing Gray Fox run in to save your ass with that slick ninja suit exoskeleton? Only to get crushed not long after.

Well some guy has created a more bro-worthy (and less sexy) exoskeleton of his own.

The Hacksmith, of youtube and internet fame, has recently created his homemade exoskeleton to increase his gains ten fold. In the above video you  can see the contraption working, allowing the user to curl 170 lbs.

Adds a whole new meaning to curling in the squat rack. m i rite?

On a (slightly) more serious note, this is actually awesome. Devices like this will exist in professional manufacturing plants, or as test equipment in labs. But for a guy to just make it in his back yard, and for it to work? Pretty good.

In regards to workouts though, this actually, kinda, could sort of, help you make gains. Imagine if he’s able to rig it in such a way that will allow the device to curl the weight, and use less resistance on the way back down. Forced negatives without a spotter. No more messing about looking for the best adjustable dumbbell set for your home workouts. Just suit up, and go for max weight. Every. Single. Set.

That may sound a bit advanced, but if this guy has been able to make the device in the first place, im sure he can configure it in in just a way.

Next we’re looking for robot legs, and the eventual “guy snaps back squatting 1000lbs” video to follow.

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One comment on “Guy Curls 170 lbs with Home Made Exoskeleton
  1. Kevin Clements says:

    Holy moly !

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