Muscle Building Diet: How Much Do You Need To Eat To Gain Muscle?

So when I started my Youtube fitness channel about 6 weeks ago, I never really expected to receive so many questions so quick about “What do i need to eat to gain muscle” or “how much do i need to eat to gain muscle”. As this question about bodybuilding nutrition keeps popping up, I’ve decided to make this muscle building diet video about it. Here I explain how much you need to eat to gain muscle fast. This macro overview of a bodybuilding diet should help you gain muscle, gain mass and improve your strength (providing you have a good muscle building program).

So simply take your body weight. Example 200lb. Multiply your body weight by 20. This gives you your total calories for the day and helps you decide what you need to eat to gain muscle. For this mass building diet split your intake as follows

60% Carbs

30% Protein

10% Fat

Muscle building diet plans don’t have to be hard, just stick to it and you’ll see gains and results in the gym!

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