NABBA Bodybuilding Training Journal – 6 Weeks Out Recap

In the words of Ron Simmons. DAMN! 6 weeks. We all know how quick 6 weeks can fly by. Remember when you were a kid and waited all year long for 6 weeks off over summer. Then in the blink of an eye your parents were dragging you around shops looking for new school shoes, trousers, pens, pencils and you just thought. FUARRRRQ.

Well we’re now 6 weeks out from the NABBA North Britain 2014, which is my 4th bodybuilding show. As we edge closer and closer I can slowly feel my excitement rising. Like a boner that just keeps creeping up and up. It’s not usually until we get to the final week or 2 that my excitement levels go into super saiyan mode, but none the less, im looking forward to it.

So what’s been happening this past week? Lets take a look.


Diet & Supplements

In my 7 week recap, I discussed dropping my carb intake from 500g a day to 450g. Well last Tuesday I started carb cycling, using a 3 day cycle. My carb cycling is as follows:

Day 1 – 450g
Day 2 – 375g
Day 3 – 300g

Since starting to compete, i’ve carb cycled at some point during each of my show preparation phases. I don’t jump into it too early, for example I’ve started it around 6-7 weeks out for this show.

Regardless of what other people may think about carb cycling, it works for me. Remember, im not saying YOU should follow what I do. Im not saying what I do is best. I’m just sharing what I do with you. And what I do works for me. You can check out my full day of eating on a 450g high carb day.

6 weeks out bodybuilding nabba 2014In the past when i’ve carb cycled, i struggle on the low carb days, however 300g isn’t really that low. I’ve been fine so far, and don’t see why this should change any time soon. If hunger hits, I always make sure to have some sugar free jelly ready in the fridge (well my girlfriend always has it ready. Thank you!)

Protein and fat content has been the exact same. Something I had introduced into my diet last week, again thanks to my girlfriend (see fianceé) is gluten free oats. As i explained in my introduction training journal post, during contest prep im gluten free. That means oat’s are off the menu. That makes me sad.

See, I love oats. I love porridge. Whatever you wanna call it, I love it. I often have dreams about larthering myself up with nothing but oaty goodness, and just eating my own limbs. Ok well I don’t, but I just wanted to get across how much I love porridge oats. Plain porridge, protein porridge, oatmeal with banana and blueberries, oats and honey, oats and golden syrup (although i’ve only had this probably 2-3 times since i was a kid – too much sugar).

A close substitute is baby rice. It doesn’t really taste like oatmeal. It doesn’t have the consistency of porridge. However it’s a hot cereal that is the most similar i can find to porridge. However Baby rice isn’t cheap. It costs anywhere from £1.18-£1.80 a box, and that just does me for 1 meal. Closer to a show I eat it every day, but I can’t eat it every day for months upon months of dieting.

Luckily my girlfriend got me some gluten free oats, which is still expensive by the way, but it was free, which made it taste 100% better than usual. (That’s a whole lot of damn good taste).

So I was enjoying some gluten free oats last week as part of my contest diet.

cream of rice recipeSpeaking of baby rice, that expensive devilish delight that it is, I found a way cheaper alternative. Enter cream of rice. It’s something I’ve seen crop up in a ton of bodybuilding diets from flex magazine and online. Unfortunately for us Brits, cream of rice isn’t readily available in the UK. To buy it on ebay or amazon costs way more than it would to just buy baby rice. So i made my own. Guess what? It tastes fucking awesome. Seriously. Eating it is like hosting a part in my mouth, and everyone is squatting parallel. In the words of Triple H. It’s THAT. Damn. Good. Of course the only reason it tastes so good is because I add in either protein powder, or a calorie free sweetener. Make sure to check out my home made cream of rice recipe and try it for yourself. You can use brown or white rice, I’ve made it with both, and both taste unreal.

On the supplement front, things are pretty much the same as last week. I’ve now added essential amino acids into my intra workout. I had been taking BCAA, however i’ve been reading more on essential amino acids as of late, so thought id give them a shot. I was able to get 3 bags for the price of 2 using a myprotein discount voucher. I know people say bcaa, and essential amino acids are a waste of money, but like I always say, some studies do show that they do work, and are beneficial. Many athletes and bodybuilders swear by them. If they were expensive i’d think twice about it. However they’re affordable so i’d rather air on the side of caution and add them as part of my supplement stack. U mad bro?


My training this past week was in line with what I reported in last weeks training journal update. Even though my ab’s are coming through, im still carrying too much round my waste. Them dastardly love handles must love me too much, as they seemingly don’t want to leave me high and dry. To compensate for this im upping the amount of twists im doing, and hitting them harder. Hopefully this will have a positive effect and help get rid of them.

My shin splints this past week have been almost non existant, and i’ve been doing just fine with my pre-breakfast brisk walks. Then Im hitting the cross trainer every other day following my evening workout sessions.

Shoulders I was moving the 30kg dumbbells for 8 reps, quite easily, so i seem to be improving my shoulder pressing strength, something that has always been lacking. Can’t complain with that! Im ensuring that my weight lifting sessions are as intense as possible, and am monitoring my rest times closely between sets. Whether training a muscle group heavy, or high volume, im eye-balling the second hand clock between each set making sure my rest times are anywhere between 45-60 seconds, very occasionally 90 seconds.

Following some back pain from last weekened, in which I changed up my back routine to avoid deadlift, this week I hit deadlifts again on my heavy back training day. However I performed these last, not loading as much weight on the bar, but still performing each set with 12 reps. Each set was to failure. Check out some of my workouts from the past week:

Heavy Biceps Friday 21st March

Outside Of The Gym

Outside of the gym this past week, i’ve been more active on a couple of bodybuilding forums, and reddit. I was unfortunately banned, temporarily, from UK Muscle, which has now been lifted. This was due to me linking out to my site a bit too much. I didn’t want to piss users or the mods off, so i’ve contacted them asking to upgrade my membership. I’ve yet to hear back from them, but we’ll see what happens. I’ve been following a few more fitness related youtube channels and twitter accounts to. (You can follow me on twitter at @shreddybrekgym or subscribe to my youtube channel here. While you’re at it, why not like the Shreddybrek Facebook Page to :)!)

I also got a sweet new video intro for my youtube channel which was provided to me by my good buddy Ben. You can check it out here:

I also created a new recipe playlist on my youtube channel. Containing… you guessed it… my recipe related videos. You can check it out here. Speaking of Youtube I watched a fantastic, reality checking video from Marc Lobliner. He talked about young kids, 16-17 wanting to be a bodybuilder, and why they should go an get a real job, or build a business and not rely on ‘making it’ as a bodybuilder. You can check the full video out here.

Completely non workout related, I went to see Ride Along, which was pretty funny, and picked up a PS4 this past weekend. I picked up Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, the so called demo to MGS:V The Phantom Pain. So far, it get’s 2 bicep peaks from Shreddy!

Shreddybrek Hoodies

Im very excited to announce that I will be receiving the shreddybrek hoodies the first week of April. I’ll hopefully have e-commerce set up on the site to sell them, but in the mean time i’ll be selling them for £20 including postage to the UK or $40 including postage to the US. If you’d like one please leave a comment below or get in touch with me on twitter or facebook.

shreddybrek hoodie

That’s a Wrap

That concludes this weeks NABBA Bodybuilding Training Journal update guys. Im now sitting 6 weeks out, and the anticipation and excitement is slowly growing. Subscribe to my free newsletter to never miss a post, and stay up to date with me on social media to. Until next time guys, keep clangin’ & bangin


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