My NABBA 2014 Training Journal Introduction

Its the time again to start thinking about skimpy trunks, buckets of tan and baby bottom smooth skin. This might sound like a porno, but its just competition season!

My name is Adam Foster, although im better known online as a result of my Youtube Channel name Shreddybrek. Im 23 years old, and I started competing in 2013. Last year I competed in the NABBA North Britain, the Open Mr & Miss British Isle, hosted by Eddy Ellwood, and the USN Novice Finals. Like many of you (that will hopefully) be reading, I got the bodybuilding bug. With ants in my pants, i ditched them in favour of posing trunks, and im back in 2014 with this training journal. I covered last years work in my 10 month transformation article and video. So if you want more info on my training from last year be sure to check them out.

I’d been planning to start this at the beginning of the year, way back in January, to cover my competition prep leading up to the May 4th NABBA North Britain. Other things got in the way, and i’ve just not had the time to start it. I then began my physique conditioning updates through my Youtube channel at 12 weeks out, and wanted to get my training journal up to go alongside that. This never materialised as I intended it, and here we are now with less than 9 weeks to go till the gun show. That’s right. I just called it the gun show.

So in this first journal post i’d like to just introduce myself, and give a broad overview of my current training and diet. I will be updating my journal on the blog at least once a week, along with a physique update most likely every 1-2 weeks. Alongside my written journal i’ll also be covering workouts and vlogging over on my Youtube Channel which you can check out by visiting

Id like to start off by saying however that im, by no means, an expert. Im simply a 23 year old lad, behind a camera, sharing my experiences and trying to have a laugh. Whenever i get questions off you guys i try my best to answer, but im not saying these are necessarily the ‘best answers’. Im confident A PHD in exercise science or a qualified nutritionist could provide more concrete answers. If you want to play Russian roulette and take a gamble with me however, by all means, feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have. I’d also like to say that i’ve been training since a Teenager, and pretty much all the knowledge I have acquired has been through a combination of reading books, watching videos and documentaries, reading bodybuilding magazines, forums and listening to experienced guys in the gym. 2013 was my biggest year of learning however, as I was lucky enough to receive advice from former 5 time Mr Universe Eddy Ellwood. Without his experiences, knowledge, time, advice and help, i would have been in no shape to step on stage. I cannot thank him enough for the help he has given me.


At the start of my competition prep this year I weighed 215 lbs. From my last show in November 2013 i had unfortunately put the ASS in adding mass, and went a bit crazy on my diet. A lesson well learned.

I don’t have a competition weight goal in mind, however my goal is to be in better condition than I was in last year, whilst carrying more size. Its anybody’s goal who competes in anything in life from bodybuilding, to football, to setting up a business, to becoming a pokemon trainer to be ‘best there ever was’. I’d like to think I would go onto win the show, progress to the next one, win that. Eat, sleep, win, repeat. However im taking a realistic, non ego-centric stance on this. It is my long term goal to eventually win the NABBA North Britain, however will it be this year? No. Will I place in the top 3 this year? No. Would I like to you? Your bet your ass i’d like to. Its this want and desire that will keep me coming back for more, and spur me on to better myself.

My goal for each show I do is simply to look better than I did in the show previously. Deep down inside I do have a desire to win, just like anyone would. But im trying to be realistic with my goals.

Following the NABBA North i’ll likely compete at the Body Power which is just 2 weeks later, along with looking for some other shows to compete in over the course of year. Its all about cuttin’ and sluttin’ this year.

Training Overview

ShreddybrekI follow a 6 day split, and have done since since January of last year. I’ve covered my training split (albeit not in depth) on my youtube channel, but my split is as follows:

Monday: Heavy Legs / Volume Shoulders
Tuesday: Heavy Chest / Volume Biceps / Calves
Wednesday: Heavy Triceps / Volume Back / Abs
Thursday: Heavy Shoulders / Volume Legs
Friday: Heavy Biceps / Volume Chest
Saturday: Heavy Back / Volume Triceps / Abs

Over the past few weeks I have began separating my leg and shoulder workouts into 2 workouts. So on Mondays and Thursdays I train twice a day. I train shoulders early afternoon, and Legs in the evening. This isn’t a workout I invented or experimented to make. I was given this workout by Eddy Ellwood. I achieved amazing results with it last year, and if it aint broke, dont fix it!


I tend to do cardio all year round, and usually do this every other day, even in the ‘off season’. During competition prep I make sure I hit cardio every other day however. I also do cardio every sunday morning, as I never do weights on a Sunday. If i go a day without stepping foot in the gym I will lose all my gains, curl up and die. True story. My cardio sessions last for 40 minutes. I use either the cross trainer or bike, but prefer the cross trainer. I use the bike after legs however. Following a leg session i will just do 20 minutes on the bike, stick a fork in it, cos its done.


My diet is consistent, and i’ll be covering macros, foods i eat and more in another article. However as a general rule of thumb I eat around 2g of carbs per lb of bodyweight, 1.2-1.3g of protein per lb of bodyweight and i don’t keep track or eat foods for fat. My fat comes from egg yolks and red meat primarily. When cutting I keep my fat intake low and don’t eat additional foods to up my fat intake. Eating egg yolks and red meat daily is enough for me. This lets me eat fat without getting fat. Dig it. My food doesn’t differ greatly, and I typically eat the same every day. Some find this boring, i find it beastly. I don’t eat foods I don’t like, so tuna is off the cards for me as i hate that smelly SOB. Smell like sour vagina. Infact i’d much rather eat a sour vagina than a tin of tuna. I just stay consistent with my foods, and find that getting in a routine of eating similar every day makes prepping food and planning diet much easier. I eat every 2.5 – 3 hours (call the bro science police). Why do I eat so often? Cos i get hungry. If you don’t eat ever 2-3 hours, that fine with me. Do what works for you.


I’ll be covering my supplement stack in detail, however as a general overview, I tend to get the majority of my products from MyProtein. I’ve used other brands over the years, however MyProtein is the company i always recommend when guys ask me what protein they should use. Its cheap, the quality is good, has good customer service, and using something like a myprotein discount code from lets you get your supplements for cheaper. Im always open for a bargain or trying out a new supplement however, providing it seems like good quality, so I don’t stick 100% to Myprotein. However when spending my own money id say the majority of it goes to myprotein.

The supplements I regularly and consistently use are:

Hydrolysed Whey Protein
Whey Protein Isolate
Micellar Casein

I have used other supplements over the years, and even now i use more supplements than i’ve outlined above, all of which I will speak about over the course of my journal. This list is what I use on a regular, consistent basis however. I don’t mind spending money on supplements, and even if there is only a 1-2% increase in results, depending on the price its worth it to me. A lot of people disregard glutamine and bcaa, however I personally can justify the costs. Its always good to get supplements cheap, however i would never buy cheap quality to save money. One thing i would like to note, as my girlfriend has a lot of her friends asking her what the best protein powder for women is (as they get her to ask me) is that the supplement industry is driven on marketing. Packaging and advertising sells supplements. Its always best to check out supplement reviews to get the best quality, cheap protein.

Future Updates

We’re currently 9 weeks out from the NABBA North Britain. It takes place on Sunday May 4th. I’ll update this journal as often as possible, at least once a week. These posts will be weekly recaps covering my training for the week, any changes i made to diet, supplements or my routine. I’ll take about any uber wins or epic fails I made, and just generally keep you all informed about how my training and preparation is going.


Thats it for this intro guys! If you’d like to follow along you can subscribe to the blog via our rss feed to be notified of future posts, or bookmark this page and keep checking back. I upload videos regular on my youtube channel so if you’d like to stay up to date with my journal then please subscribe to that, if you give a fuarq. You can also stay up to date by following me on Facebook & Twitter.

Are you competing in the NABBA North Britain? Drop a comment down below and let me know!


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Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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