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Adam Baroni is an actor, model and bodybuilder. Fans of the upcoming DBZ Project will know him as Vegeta. We recently sat down and had a chat about training, fitness and Dragonball Z with Adam. 

How did you get involved with the DBZ project?

I’ve got a pretty good network with film makers. Since I played BUTCH in Chris Cronin’s film “ Sophie’s Fortune “ a lot of doors started to open for me. Sean Cernow ( who recently played “ Felix “ in the TV series “ The Musketeers “ ) originally contacted me to take a look at this project. A few other film makers / actors also put me forward for this so I thought I’d check it out.

Dragon Ball Z Project Adam Baroni

Dragonball Z has a huge, fanatical fanbase that’s as crazy as the anime itself, how much pressure do you have not only starring in this project, but taking up the role of Vegeta, the 2nd main character of the entire franchise?

Well that I say would depend who is your favourite character. Technically he is the 2nd main but I would have to say “ Vegeta “ is the peoples favourite 😉
It’s a lot of pressure as this is the first time I’ve had to play a character that is already world famous.

 Following the unsuccessful live action Dragonball Z how much pressure is there on not just you, but MSI Studio’s to make something that the fans not only want to see, but will enjoy?

Well I think the main problem with casting any Dragonball Z character is that first off….. These characters all look like bodybuilders. Finding a bodybuilding actor is pretty tough. The next problem is…. Dragonball Z is a cartoon, so in order to shoot a life like film version is to take out the cheese that cartoons can give. Next off is that when you put your own movie spin on these characters, you are going to struggle to satisfy everyone.

Think of “ Batman “ cartoons and then think of “ Dark Knight “ The film maker needs to have his own twist, followed by the actor bringing an un-cartoon performance along with not losing touch with the original character.

 Give us some further insight to the story of DBZ Project, what saga will it be based round.

At the moment we are just test shooting moments from when Vegeta  turns super saiyan.

This is still very early stages as we’re attracting fans to this project.

Vegeta Adam Baroni

Vegeta and Bulma are the only characters we’ve seen so far, who else can we expect to see?

That part we don’t know, it’s a hard enough task to pull off with just two characters. Watch this space 😉

 We’ve seen some live action stills compared to their anime counterparts and it looks like the authenticity has been hit head on. Will the DBZ Project be a retelling of the anime, or will the story merely take influence whilst creating a new story for fans?

This question I can’t answer as of now. I’ll leave this for the director to answer ( Mariusz Scislowicz )

Does DBZ Project take place on Earth alone, or can we expect to see a planet such as Namek intertwined into the story?

At the moment we are just building and winning over fans for our backing. Ask me the same question in six months.

Is DBZ Project planned to be a 1 off film, or a series?

Mariusz Scislowicz would have to answer that.

Have you had any weird confrontations from fans online regarding the role yet?

Only problem we’ve had so far is about Vegeta’s hair “ haha “ we are now working to make that better.

 You’re certainly no stranger to action films, how does the DBZ project compare to other projects you’ve worked on?

Difference with this is that I’m playing a character that fans have such high expectations of.

 In the anime Vegeta was able to ascend beyond super saiyan through the hyperbolic time chamber through intense training. How do you structure your real life training in order to fit the physique of a character such as Vegeta?

At the moment as you know yourself, I’m back competing in bodybuilding as a sponsored athlete ( H2N Nutrition ) so my plan is not to be short of muscle anytime soon “ haha “

 You compete in bodybuilding shows, how do you balance that with your acting gigs?

Bodybuilding is every day and is a part of my life whatever I’m doing. Even if I’m busy I still find time to have a work out.

 Do you change your physique depending on the role you’re undertaking for an acting project, or do you keep a similar physique all year round?

I change my physique depending on acting roles. I like being in the shape I am today, it feels more me. Every acting role I’ve taken I’ve looked different.

 Talk us through a typical weeks training.

I do a lot of boxing training for cardio and hit weights a few times per week at Powerhouse Gym in South Shields.

 What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

I eat around 4 – 5 times per day and use H2N Nutrition to give me that edge.

What is the 1 food you would tell people to avoid at all costs?


What other projects are you working on in 2014?

I’m playing the larger than life character of Colin Hopkins in Andrew Carson’s upcoming motion picture RhumbleRama ( Wrestling Comedy )
I also have other things which at this moment are at early stages. I’m also looking forward to “ Sophie’s Fortune “ to hit the Las Angeles Film Festival ( LA FILM FEST ) May 5th 2014.


In 1 sentence, sum up why fans of Dragonball Z should be keeping their dragon radars locked onto DBZ Project.

Marvel have done it, DC have done it, now we aim to finally bring DBZ characters to life.

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