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In the first of many interviews for Shreddybrek, today we are graced by the presence of one of my favourite fitness Youtuber’s, Brandon Campbell of Campbell Fitness. If you haven’t already make sure to check out his Youtube Channel Here. Brandon has an overwhelming subscriber base, at the time of writing, sitting at over 60,000 subscribers. He’s one of the channels i have watched consistently. Brandon uses his Youtube channel to document his training, provides advice, and answers questions from his subscribers.

Brandon Campbell

SB: Big thanks to you Brandon for taking part in this interview, first up tell our readers who may not have seen your videos what your channel is about in a sentence.

BC: My channel is mostly about tracking my own progress while trying to help people learn from my mistakes in the gym, in the kitchen and with supplements.

Since I started making Youtube videos in January 2013, you’re one of the few guys who i watch on a regular basis. You don’t ramble or talk nonsense in your videos, straight the point and in an entertaining way. Was stepping in front of a camera natural for you, or did it take some time to get your youtube persona right?

Talking in front of the camera is still a bit weird for me. If you take a look at my earlier videos, you’ll see I’ve made a lot of progress. It’s very hard to be engaging and entertaining when most of the time you’re in a room by yourself with a camera pointed at you. However, like anything else, practice makes perfect.

For someone with Kentucky Fried Legs (i jest) you’ve got an awesome squat. Your training revolves around bench, squats and deadlifts. What attracted you to following a powerlifting routine as opposed to say bodybuilding?

When I initially started training it was to better my performance in sports. As I continued my training it started to become a little about aesthetics (I think we can all agree as children we looked up to bigger physiques as being ideal). However it always came back to basic strength being the driving force. For a competitive person like me, powerlifting was just a natural progression. I have nothing against those who enjoy and compete in bodybuilding, however it’s judging is very subjective, where as in powerlifting, it’s much more black and white.

brandon campbell squatYou worked with Marc Lobliner last year, and have a few videos up about that. Was it a culture shock following his training and eating routine compared to what you had been doing?

Working with Marc was a pleasure. I can appreciate someone who puts that much thought and effort into what they do. My main goal with working with him was to get a better understanding of how working with a bodybuilding coach for dieting worked. I have a lot of bodybuildiers that ask me questions and advice and I wanted to be able to give them some first hand feedback.

I’ve seen in your videos you say you train fasted on a morning. Is there any particular reason for this?

Training fasted for me is simply about convenience. I’ve found that training in the morning allows me to better balance my personal life, my job, YouTube, etc… That being the case, I usually train pretty early (5am or 6am) and having a large meal before hand is counter productive to me getting to the gym early. If I know I have a very taxing workout ahead of me I’ll likely push it to the afternoon so I have some food in me.

You’re clued up on supplements, and much like myself, you seem to think the majority of fat burners aren’t worth the money.What do you consider to be your essential supplement stack?

I rarely take anything these days, which is a complete 180 from when I first started my channel. As I’ve educated myself I’ve come to the realization there are very few things out there that make any kind of impact/difference. That being said, I do use Tier 1 by Citadel Nutrition as a pre workout in most cases. If I don’t use them I will make my own pre workout mix which usually consists of creatine, beta alanine, citrulline malate, caffeine and ALCAR.

Talk us through your current training split.

I’m about to start my 2nd 10 weeks of programming under Dan Green (WR holding powerlifter in both the 220 and 242 weight class). This 10 weeks our main focus is on bringing up my quads to not only further increase my squat (550lb max), but also to help bring up my sumo deadlift (traditionally I pull conventional).

For viewers of your channel they’ll be familiar with your grocercy shopping videos. What is it that makes grown men want to watch another guy talk through what they’ve bought from the supermarket?

I think grocery videos go over so well as most of us are very “in tune” with eating and food choices. That being said, for those dieting or trying to manipulate and hit macros, sometimes it’s hard finding things that are “good.” These grocery videos can help people find some foods that they might not have looked out for otherwise.

A lot of younger lifters see a bodybuilders competition prep diet containing dry chicken, dry fish, rice and think they need to eat like this all year round. What resources would you recommend to young lifters to get more clued up on the real picture?

There’s a ton of great articles out by Alan Aragon and Lyle McDonald, however what I’d truly suggest is counting calories/macros and just experimenting with food first hand.

What projects have you got coming up this year?

I don’t look at YouTube as anything more than a fun hobby, so I don’t really have things planned out for it. I will however be aiming to do a few more powerlifting meets this year and work on getting my total up. I’ve also been in the talks with Forged Iron Training (clothing company) about doing a potential t-shirt line.

Thanks for your time Brandon, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

The last thing I would say is that I appreciate the people that watch my channel and interact with me. Not only is it great to see other people accomplish goals, but it’s one of the things that drives/inspires me to keep going as well. As always, stay big.

SB: That’s what she said.

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