Meeting My Protein Athlete Sergi Constance

Wow what a weekend at the 2014 Body Power Expo!

I’ve got a ton of of footage to edit, photo’s to upload, along with updating the my protein discount code section after meeting myprotein discount supplements ambassador, Sergi Constance and snapping a photo with him! Sergi is a MyProtein brand ambassador for their Spanish division. If you want to know more about the Sergi Constance Diet , supplements or workout plan, then be sure to read that article! As many of you guys will be aware i am a huge advocate of My Protein, and have produced a number of my protein reviews, looking at their discount protein powders, cheap carb bulk powders, and Im a huge fan of using my protein discount codes when placing an order with them. I’ve been using My protein for years now, but in the past 2 years they seem to have really stepped up their game, to appeal to a more dedicated and core gym goer, as opposed to just the casual gym trainer or lifter. As the king of cheap protein suppliers, My Protein is renown for their great prices, sales, and protein promotions when used with a my protein discount code.



I’ll be honest, I was hoping to meet a few more of their team. I have conducted an interview with Benedikt Magnuson, one of the MyProtein strongman sponsored athletes, and I did see Terry Hollands around the expo  on the Muscle Talk stand, but didn’t get chance to speak to him. I would have liked to have spoken to Simeon Panda about the Simeon Panda Supplements Plan and Mass Gain Diet and his workouts, however I didn’t even see him at the event. im not surprised however as these guys will have been super busy.

So how did my meeting with Sergi go ? Very quick haha! English obviously isn’t his first language, and my accent isn’t the easiest to understand, as i’ve been told in countless youtube comments! I didn’t want to baffle him with a conversation he wouldn’t be able to understand, so I snapped a pic and was on my way, like a scarlet in the night. Still it was cool to get a photo with a guy I see on twitter, facebook and with a massive social following. Definitely an inspirational figure for someone in my position! I saw Sergi later in the day with a buddy of mine, Dan, who owns Fit Media Productions and has produced a ton of content for Body Power TV. They’ve recently teamed up together to produce a video series for My Video PT, so definitely check that out if you want to see how to get a body like Sergi! Of course if you want to get the supplements that Sergi uses then be sure to head over to MyProtein and use a my protein discount code to get his myprotein supplement stack at a cheap & discounted price using a promotional code.

Even though i’ve been following Sergi for a while on social media, I’ve only just recently started following him on youtube, so i have some videos to catch up for sure!

Im going to have a ton of videos up over at so be sure to stay locked in for that guys! How was your time at Body power? Lemme know down in the comments below!

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