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My Amazing 10 Month Before and After Weight Loss Body Transformation

Hi guys, Im Adam, but i’m known by most people online as Shreddybrek. This is my 10 month before and after weight loss body transformation. I started the year off (January 2013) at 215 lbs (although in a previous bulking

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Best Dumbbell Workout For Huge Shoulders

If you’re looking to build bigger shoulders, then let me share the Best Dumbbell Workout when working out from home. You don’t need a gym membership to get a solid shoulder workout in and to build muscle fast. Using this best dumbbell

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Teen Workouts For Beginners

Beginners Full Body Workout For Teenagers Looking To Gain Muscle Fast – 3 Day Split Workout Goal: Muscle Gain Training Level: Beginner Workout How Many Days: 3 Perfect for Teenagers or beginners looking to gain muscle. This workout is a

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Starting Strength Workout

Gain 15lbs Of Muscle With The Beginners Workout – Starting Strength Starting Strength: A Great Beginners Workout This workout is a great introduction for beginners of all ages, especially teenagers looking to build muscle. Whether you’re aspiring to be a

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