Force Your Arms To Grow With My High Volume Bicep Workout Routine – 25th march

This high volume bicep workout is part of my typical 6 day weight training split, which I’ve had massive success with since starting it last January.  I train each muscle group twice a week, one day is a heavy day, the other is high volume or pumping. As part of my NABBA training journal, im documenting my workouts, and today’ we’re looking at my high volume bicep workout from the 25th of March. About 6 weeks out from the NABBA North Britain 2014 bodybuilding show. I also covered my heavy bicep workout routine from last week.

This is the high volume bicep workout routine, and as such my rest times are no longer than 45 seconds between sets. It involves 1 single exercise, and a triset containing 3 exercises. As part of the triset, you must perform each bicep exercise back to back, with no rest. Only after the 3rd exercise is complete, you will rest for 45 seconds before starting the next bicep triset.

Weight isn’t a concern in this high volume bicep workout. This is a workout with sarcoplasmic hypertrophy in mind. You’re not lifting light. You should perform each set within the dictated rep range, but that last rep should be till failure. A pumping workout does not mean an easy workout. As rest times are only 45 seconds, I would be surprised if you need to increase weight between sets. If you do, it means you didn’t work hard enough on your first set. The best case scenario would be to keep the same weight, for each set. However you may find yourself needing to drop weight as the sets.

The High Volume Bicep Workout Routine

Reverse Grip EZ Curl Bar 5 x 12-15

I started this workout off with a reverse grip EZ curl bar. This allows me to hit my forearms and bicep, and as I hit the bicep from a range of different angles, it allows me to supinate the bicep through the entire workout, by hitting it from different angles using a range of different bicep exercises. When performing this I start with a wide grip, which gets more narrow with each set. In this particular workout, my third set was  the close grip, and was probably the hardest set. For my 4th and 5th set I then start to widen my grip again.

Make sure you use a full range of motion throughout the exercise, and if possible squeeze at the top. Control the weight down slowly. Whilst each set should be as controlled as possible, you may find yourself struggling around the 8th rep. If this happens, make use of rest-pause to force out the entire set. On the last set, you may find yourself cheating the last 1 or 2 reps up. This is fine in my opinion, as long as you don’t look like the playground swing. A slight use of momentum or a slight swing to force 2 reps out, in my opinion, is better than stopping your set short.

Remember to use common sense in training. If you’re struggling to get just 6 or 8 reps out on your first set, when you should be getting 12-15, any ‘cheat curls’ you do, will not benefit you. Its time to drop the weight. Use common sense, and lift the right weight to make your biceps grow. Don’t lift your ego.

Triset 4 x 10
Hammer Curls
Preacher Curl
Lying Incline Curl

Perform each exercise with no rest. After you have completed the 3rd exercise rest for 45 seconds, then start again. When performing the hammer curls, use both arms at the same time. On the 3rd or 4th set when you begin to fatigue, do as many reps as you can, then finish your set off by doing alternate hammer dumbbell curls. Use this same practice for the lying incline curls also.

This is an intense high volume bicep workout that will get your arms pumped and force them to grow. Remember than a high volume or pumping workout isn’t an easy workout. It will be intense, hard and quick. That’s what she said. You can follow my NABBA Bodybuilding Journal right here, or over on my Youtube Channel.

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