3 Easy Bicep Training Tips To Get Bigger Biceps Fast!

How To Bigger Biceps FastMy arms are too big… said no guy ever. We all want bigger arms fast.

Ask the average guy what muscle they’d like to grow the quickest, and the answer will, 90% of the time, be bigger biceps. (Statistics provided by pulling them out of my ass)

From Arnold, to The Rock, nothing oozes “bad ass” more than a big set of arms.

I don’t care who you are, bodybuilder, powerlifter, crossfitter, or someone who wants to prance about in board shorts, slapping filters on your instagram photos with the caption of #bodybuildingismylife – you want bigger biceps.

The biceps are such a small muscle, yet people who have small arms seem to think that training them 2, 3 or 4 times a week, with 20 + sets per workout is the way to go.

What you probably need to do, is ditch your ego. Tweak your training. Work the muscle as opposed to just moving weight.

My arm’s aren’t the biggest. Heck, im guilty of wanting bigger arms! (I knew those stats were credible).

However, i’ve made solid gains over the past few years by working the bicep, through using the bicep training tips im about to share with you.

Here are 3 things i’d recommend you do in your arm workouts to increase the intensity of your bicep workouts, and to help you build bigger biceps fast.

1 – Take a Seat

Standing up allows you to swing, use momentum and cheat the weight up. Yes you can lift heavier. Or should i say, you can move a heavier weight. But you aren’t working the bicep effectively, and are probably failing to actually fatigue the muscle properly.

This is what you should try instead – Seated Dumbbell Curls.

The above video shows an example bicep workout program that i’ve used to get bigger biceps. The first exercise im doing is the seated dumbbell, utilising the bicep training tips below.

How To Do Seated Dumbbell Curls With Correct Form

  1. Instead, do your dumbbell curls sat down on a bench.
  2. Place your back against the bench.
  3. Push your chest out, keeping your shoulders back, and pinning your elbows to your side.
  4. Think of your elbow as a pivot. This is where the movement should be happening, ensuring that the bicep is what is working throughout the exercise.
  5. Squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement, before slowly lowering it back down.

You will of course need to use less weight, as you will now be placing stress directly on the bicep, as opposed to swinging the weight by moving your back and shoulders.

2 – One Arm at a Time

I find that using dumbbells over barbells or ez bars allows me to get a better contraction during my bicep workouts. The fastest way to get bigger biceps & arms is to hit the muscle as hard as possible, feed it with the correct nutrients, let it rest and repeat.

Sound’s like a t-shirt slogan, eat, sleep, bicep, repeat.

We can use the fancy term of “uni-lateral” exercises, however lets just keep it fucking simple and call it what it is.

One arm at a time.

There are a few approaches to take when doing single arm bicep exercises. Either alternate the arm with each rep, or do a set on one arm, before moving to the next.

Popular 1 arm bicep exercises would be;

  • Concentration Curls
  • Preacher Machine Curls

Complete your full set on one arm before moving to the next.

Bigger Biceps Fast


You can also alternate your arms when performing bicep exercises such as;

  • Hammer Curls
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls

Perform 1 rep with your right arm, then your left. Repeat until the set is done.

It sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of guys who struggle to really fatigue the bicep are used to doing both arms at the same time when performing dumbbell curls or hammer curls.

By alternating, it allows you to put every amount of effort into focusing on the muscle, squeezing and contract it, before moving onto the next side.

3 – Partial Reps

You may be used to going past failure on a set by using partial reps.

Instead of waiting training to failure on a set before using a partial rep however, add partial reps into your full exercise.

Don’t do it for your full workout, pick just 1 exercise to add this technique to.

Lets take the example of a barbell curl as your second movement, and let’s say you’re going for 10 reps.

  1. Complete the first rep, curling the bar to the top.
  2. Instead of lowering this back to starting position, lower it to the half way point.
  3. From the half way point, curl this back to the top.
  4. Then lower this to the bottom, counting it as 1 rep.

You will get a crazy pump from this, and may find yourself having to drop the weight after your first set. That’s ok. Aslong as your muscle is fatigued.

Let The Gains BeginBigger Biceps With Sergi Constance

There are a ton of more generic ways to increase the intensity of your workouts. Techniques such as forced reps, negative reps, supersets and dropsets are all popular.

The aim of this bicep article however was to pinpoint specific tweaks you could make to your bicep training, in order to help you get bigger biceps as fast as possible.

If you’ve struggled to get your arms to grow, then give then implement these above tips to your next bicep workout. Stick with them for 6-12 weeks and see how you’re arms have developed.

If you’ve any questions, then shoot a comment below, or get in touch with me on twitter or facebook.

Untill next time, keep clangin’ & bangin’!


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