Why a Protein Powder For Weight Loss Helps Women Keep The lbs Off

A protein powder for weight loss is often herald’d as a quick fix solution for a women losing weight. Often these protein powders for weight loss are bundled into some kind of marketing promotion, or confusing terminology as part of the latest “women’s fast fat loss” fix. If any man, or woman is relying on a protein powder for weight loss purposes, and expects that by simply drinking protein shakes they are going to shed fat, then they are deluded, stupid and wrong.

A protein powder alone will not make you lose weight. No food, or supplement will magically make you lose weight (despite what the marketing claims will lead you to believe). A protein shake is a valuable supplement for those wanting to lose weight, and burn fat however. Of course any fat loss program begins with a calorie controlled diet and exercise. This study explains just how a protein powder can aid in fat loss, as part of a weight loss diet and exercise program.

Let’s take a closer look at just how a protein powder for weight loss can help you lose weight, and more importantly keep the lbs off in a healthy way.

Exploring the use of a Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Protein powder for weight lossProtein powder’s are constituted from a number of complex manufacturing processes. Depending upon the type of process used, depends upon the type of protein powder that is formed. There a number of different protein powders available on the market, such as whey protein, casein protein and hydrolysed protein. These different type’s of protein powder’s have their own unique effects, however the most common type of protein powder is whey protein.

On average, a typical serving (1 scoop) of protein powder is around 20 grams of protein, which is 80 calories. On top of that, some protein powders will also contain a small amount of carbohydrates or fat’s, which could take the total amount of calories in 1 serving of protein powder to around 100. The benefits of using a protein powder for weight loss as a meal replacement are quite evident, if it weighs in at just 100 calories. You can browse a wide range of protein powder’s online.

Protein Powder For Women's Weight LossGovernment guidelines recommend just 46 grams of protein per day for a women. However for those exercising, or wanting to lose weight, it is recommended by nutritionists and fitness experts that protein intake should be around 0.6-0.8grams per lb of lean body weight. For example a 150 lb women wanting to lose weight would require a maximum of 120 grams of protein. Research conducted by the journal of obesity showed that the use a protein shake could help lower the hormone responsible for triggering hunger. Drinking a protein shake for weight loss purposes can definitely be useful for suppressing hunger and in turn consuming fewer calories.

Studies exploring the effects of protein drinks in regards to weight loss have been exploited by numerous supplement companies, touting the use of protein powder for weight loss to be a wonder supplement. These studies have allowed protein powders to be marketed as a weight loss supplement for women, as well as a muscle building shake for men or bodybuilders.

The use of such a protein shake is perfect for men and women, in particular women looking to lose weight as a sake of convenience. Women leading a busy life style, such as looking after children, working full time, and managing a house hold, can easily turn to a protein powder for weight loss. Often women know about the importance a healthy diet, but don’t have time to prepare a day’s worth of healthy meals, or to hold down a weight loss meal plan when out and about, or between the school and office. This is why a protein powder for weight loss is so useful to women. It’s quick, easy, and healthy. Women are an ideal target market for supplement companies. These companies are able to create packaging and a message that women want to hear, an easy weight loss solution. Women looking to use a protein powder should look into what the best protein shakes for women are, before spending any money on one.

Losing Weight With a Protein Powder Isn’t Magic

It is important to note that simply using a protein powder will not make you lose weight however. Just like eating an apple a day doesn’t make you lose weight, a protein powder isn’t a magical weight loss solution. Its crucial that any women wanting to lose weight incorporates resistance training, exercise and cardiovascular work into their regime, alongside using a protein powder as part of their weight loss diet.

Women also don’t need to opt for a more expensive weight loss shake or supplement marketed as a meal replacement shake. Meal replacement shake’s all contain protein, and often have a higher price tag associated with them. A simple protein powder will suffice for helping a women lose weight.

Protein Powder as part of a balanced diet

It may sound like common sense, but a healthy calorie controlled diet, and good exercise regime will always result in fat loss. Whilst the use of protein drink’s aren’t essential, they are very helpful for a women wanting to lose weight in a healthy way, and keep the lbs off. Where many fad diets or protein shake diets will provide short term fast weight loss, when a women returns to her previous diet, the weight is piled back on.

Any women serious about losing weight should firstly forget about the fad diets she reads in her celebrity gossip magazines. A protein shake, or any kind of meal replacement shake will not make you lose weight. It is the calorie deficit you put your body under that results in weight loss. A weight loss shake fad diet may instruct you to drink 3 shakes a day, each containing 300 calories. That’s a total of 900 calories per day. Even without exercising this result in rapid weight loss, as an average calorie intake for a woman is 2000 calories. By dropping 1,100 calories daily, a women can expect to lose a lot of weight fast. She can also expect to be very hungry.

When aiming to use  a protein powder for weight loss, it should be used;

  • to fight off hunger
  • as a supplement between breakfast or lunch, lunch or dinner
  • as a replacement for junk food such as a chocolate bar, cake, or pastries

By combining the principles of healthy eating, exercise and supplementing your diet with a protein shake, you can expect to lose weight, and more importantly keep the fat at bay.

The Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss?

The best protein powder for women‘s weight loss is often debated, and ultimately comes down to preference. A whey protein or casein protein should be used for general weight loss purposes however. I would personally recommend either Myprotein Impact Whey or Micellar Casein Protein.

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Weight Loss Protein PowderRemember that a protein powder for weight loss is helpful but not magical. Using protein drinks as part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime is beneficial to any man or women. Women shouldn’t fall into the marketing trap of believing that there is a certain type of protein powder they need however. Using a high quality protein powder for weight loss, without the fancy marketing slander is more than ample.

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