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Micellar Casein Protein from My Protein is one of the best casein protein powder supplement’s available, and of the latest additions to my supplement stack. For years, I had always relied on cottage cheese as my meal before bed, however this past year I have experimented with a few types of Casein Protein. In this My Protein casein protein powder review, i’ll explain what micellar casein protein is, the benefits of casein protein, and why I use My Protein Casein protein powder, and why i believe they have the best casein protein powder on the supplement market.

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What Is Casein Protein?

Casein Proteins are the key elementsso to speak of in animal milk proteins. Casein protein powder is most commonly used before bed because of its slow digestion and slow amino acid absorption rate. Casein Protein is a much slower releasing protein supplement in comparison to whey protein powder. The best casein protein powder prevents the body from going into a catabolic state, meaning that muscle is being burned, as this type of protein provides the body with a slow stream of amino acids, over the course of up to 6 hours. For many, including myself, cottage cheese is a suitable bed time meal. This is because cottage cheese is packed with casein protein, providing the body with a slow release of protein before going to sleep, covering your body’s need for protein over the 6-8 hours you’ll be asleep for. For many the thought of eating cottage would turn their stomach. Thankfully Casein Protein Powder was invented.

There are 3 main types of casein protein powder, one Micellar being the best casein protein powder. These are:

  1. Calcium Caseinate
  2. Micellar Casein
  3. Milk Protein

Which of these is the best casein protein powder? Calcium caseinate is the lowest quality, and is most often used in food products. Both Micellar Casein Protein Powder and Milk Protein are comparable in quality, however casein contains almost purely protein, where as milk protein may also contain a small amount of fat and lactose. So we can say that the best casein protein powder is micellar casein protein. When consumed, casein protein forms a kind of gel in the stomach. This slows the rate in which amino acids are extracted from the protein source, and absorbed into your body’d blood stream. This means that your body has a constant supply of amino acids, over a 7 hour period. Due to this slow releasing nature, casein protein powder’s, or food sources rich in casein protein such as cottage cheese are the best meal choices when either going to sleep, or when you will be unable to consume food for a long period of time (such as a night our partying, plane ride, long afternoon of meetings or lecturers)

Whilst it can take around 7 hours to fully absorb all the amino acids from a casein protein powder, or casein protein food source, the peak of amino acid absorption from casein protein however occurs around the 4 hour mark. In comparison to a whey protein, which peaks at around 45 minutes, you can see the benefits of a slow release during a time where you are unable to eat food, such as at night when you’re sleeping. Opting for micellar, the best casein protein powder, enhances these effects.

The casein protein will help prevent muscle break down, as your body has a regular and constant supply of amino acids, preventing muscle catabolism and muscle break down. Studies conducted in the Netherlands concluded that  casein protein consumption before bed would increase protein synthesis, compared to those who consumed a serving of whey protein. Picking the best casein protein powder such as Micellar Casein from My Protein is your best bet, in my opinion.

Benefits Of Casein Protein Powder

best casein protein powder

Milk Protein & Casein Protein (casein protein is a higher quality of milk protein) has been proven to be far more effective  in creating muscle hypertrophy in comparison to soy or vegetable proteins. Animal milk proteins, we’re talking about whey protein and casein proteins here, are far better at creating muscle protein synthesis than other types of protein sources.

  • Casein Protein Powder is a complete protein source
  • Can help suppress appetite, cutting down on hunger cravings, due to the slow release nature.
  • Casein Protein provides longer lasting anti-catabolic properties in comparison to whey protein sources

Best Casein Protein Powder – My Protein Micellar Casein Protein

As already mentioned above, Micellar Protein, is the type I am currently using from My Protein, offers the slowest releasing protein, making it the best casein protein powder option for a bed time meal or protein shake before bed. Milk Protein, as it contains some lactose, doesn’t have the same amount of protein content as just casein protein, and calcium caseinate absorbs quicker into the body. If you’re on a budget, then you can go ahead and pick one of these up, as they will still be effective. However If you have the money to spend (and Micellar Casein Protein from My Protein is less than £18) then i would highly recommend the micellar casein protein option. My Protein offers it in a number of flavours. i personally opt for their unflavoured version, and use their Flavour Drops to add my desired flavour. The beauty of this is you can create a delicious tasting protein dessert. I now find myself eating this as a dessert, more than I do drinking it. When consuming it as a drink, it is a lot thicker than whey protein, which may surprise you. If you plan to drink it regularly, you’re going to need at least 400 ml’s of milk or water for a shake consistency. Mixability is superb, however I prefer to eat it as a dessert, as shown in the above video. below is a break down of the protein.

My Protein Micellar Casein Protein Powder Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size 30g
Calories 107
Protein 24 g
Total Carbs 2 g
Total Fat 1 g
Sodium 0 mg
Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 0 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Monounsaturated 0 g
Sugars 1 g
Trans 0 g

I personally won’t be swapping for another brand of Micellar Protein for a long time. My Protein Micellar Protein offers a great blend of quality, and value for money, combining it with a great taste and ability to make a protein dessert as a healthy treat (its just protein!) For this reason I believe that it is the best casein protein powder.

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