Quick and Easy Post Workout Meals – Protein & Baby Rice

baby rice bodybuildingWhen im done in the gym, the last thing I want to do is mess around for half an hour weighing out food, cooking it, and washing dishes. That what girlfriends, wives, and mothers are for. m i right!?

Oh how I jest… (seriously im jesting, I hope my girlfriend or mother doesn’t read this!)

One of my favourite quick and easy post workout meals is a combination of baby rice and protein powder.

You read that right, baby rice.

Why Do I Have Baby Rice & Protein as a Post Workout Meal?

  • It provides fast acting carbs
  • It provides me with a fast and medium digesting protein to kickstart protein synthesis and ensure I start recovering
  • It tastes really really nice
  • It’s so quick to prepare

But a bit more in depth….

It tastes awesome when added with Myprotein flavdrops, flav powder, or protein powder. I find the best post workout protein to be a whey blend of isolate and concentrate, especially when mixed in with this baby rice.

Yes you don’t need that post workout shake within 20 minutes of your workout to maximise protein synthesis and enhance the anabolic window . However, meal timing is a tried and (in practice) tested method used by bodybuilders, both pros and amateurs, to get the best performance, and create the best physique possible.

When I finish a workout, im going to be hungry. I want my post workout meal to be quick & easy, heck this recipe im sharing with you should be classed as a post workout snack its that quick to pull together.

The video above shows exactly how I make one of my favourite quick and easy post workout meals.

But for those of you who’d prefer to read……. here you go

Making My Favourite Quick & Easy Post Workout Meal

Here is how I make this easy post workout meal;

  1. Boil a kettle of water
  2. Mix in some Myprotein Flavdrops or MP Flavouring (If you want to add your protein powder in, then skip this step)
  3. Pour in your baby rice, mixing with a spoon
  4. Add more water as needed to thin the mixture to a consistency to your liking
  5. Add cold water so you’re able to eat it quicker
  6. If you want to add protein powder, wait until your baby rice is stirred in with the boiling water.
  7. Add a scoop (or 2) of your protein powder. In the video above I used Dynapro Anytime from Protein Dynamix.
    1. Note: Any whey protein powder would be fine to use – just make sure it tastes good. Dynapro is a whey protein blend of concentrate and isolate, and tastes awesome mixed in with the baby rice. I would also recommend impact whey or impact isolate from Myprotein.
  8. Mix the protein powder into the baby rice
  9. You may need to add additional cold water to thin the consistency

Macros For My Baby Rice & Protein Shake Quick Post Workout Meal;

Carbs 85g
Protein 50g
Fat 1g

You should adjust this recipe to your established macros to eat for muscle gain or fat loss. A full pack of baby rice contains 85g of carbs, and one of the best times to increase carb intake is post workout. A full pack does me fine, and I ensure it fits within my macros.

The best post workout protein supplement is whey, and that’s exactly what dynapro anytime is. I use 2 scoops, as this means im eating enough protein for muscle gain.

If you’re looking for a similar recipe, then you should check out my home made cream of rice recipe. It has a different consistency, and takes a little more time to prepare. However it tastes really nice, is a cheaper carbohydrate source and still makes for a quick post workout meal.

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