Almond Milk Benefits – An Alternative to Dairy Milk

Almond Milk Benefits may make you go nuts when you discover what they are (pun intended). I have only recently tried almond milk for the first time, just a few short months ago. I never even knew it existed until my fiancée gave me some to try.

What is almond milk?

Almond milk is made from ground up almonds & water. An almond milk recipe is really simple, and can actually be made from home. Almonds are ground up until they are of a dust type texture, or very fine powder. Water is then added to make it a liquid form. This is all that goes into making almond milk. This means that if you have a powerful blender at home capable of blending nuts, then you can make your own. From the store, almond milk comes in a variety of flavours. I have tried both sweetened almond milk and unsweetened almond milk. The unsweetened version offers the lowest calorie count, and having it on cereal that taste difference isn’t noticeable. However for anyone looking to drink almond milk, or if you have more of a sweet tooth you’ll probably want to opt for the sweetened version of almond milk.

Almond Milk Benefits

In this video i talk about almond milk benefits and how it compares to dairy milk.



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