Interview With Lukas Gabris – Pro-10 Sponsored Athlete

Lukas Gabris is a NABBA Mr Britain title holder, and will be competing in the Spanish Amateur Arnold Classic in 2014.

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I first met Lukas Gabris at the 2013 NABBA North Britain. I had heard guys in the gym speak about a monster of a man who had previously trained in the gym. Rumours of him being so big that he would take up the entire steam room were not uncommon, however I had not seen Lukas before. When i met Lukas Gabris backstage at the NABBA North Britain, these rumours were instantly confirmed as truth. I often receive compliments for the size of my legs, however on this night I felt like a small child. Think Goten compared to Brolly. In laymens terms, i felt like a bitch.

However hulk-like physique aside, Lukas surprised me by being friendly, approachable and helpful. Since first meeting with Lukas I have had the privilege of training with him, receiving advice from him and following his training and contest prep over on his Facebook page. A big thank you to Lukas Gabris, sponsored pro-10 athlete, for taking time of of his busy schedule to be with us today.

SB: This year you’ll be competing in the Amateur Arnold Classic in Spain. What led to getting a chance to compete in such an event?

LG: I was competing at the UKBFF British finals where I placed top 6 which allowed me to compete at the Arnold. This is at my own cost because only the winner gets the whole trip financed by the UKBFF

Which achievement within bodybuilding are your most proud of?

There are few shows that meant a lot to me, however the NABBA British tall class title was very emotional (thank you Eddy)

Bodybuilding is more than just a job for you. This is clear from the passion you show across your facebook page, training videos and speaking to you in person. What was it that inspired you to first start training?

As a skinny and weak boy, I always wanted to be more muscular. Bodybuilding is something that, you either like it or you dont, and I was in love with bodybuilding since I can remember. As i grew a little older older all I wanted to do was become a bodybuilder.

Lukas Gabris NABBALukas Gabris Young

What continues to motivate you to compete? Has there ever been any times you’ve considered quitting?

People are asking me if im still enjoying doing bodybuilding. People continue to ask me “are you not big enough?” My answer to these questions is simple. Im passionate about bodybuilding and I love it so what better motivation do you need?:) However I want to become professional and stand on Olympia stage one day. That goal is what is giving me motivation and drive to keep training hard and keep competing.

At what point in your life did you decide to turn your hobby of lifting, into a career choice?

After my first contest in my home country. The show was the Junior Slovakian Championship. I placed 3rd and I knew this will be my life.

When not training or cooking food, how do you spend your ‘working week’?

Everything works around bodybuilding. Even in my ‘day job’ I advise people with diet nutrition and provide online training and PT one on one. If I don’t work I chill nothing exotic ;). But one think for sure my brain never stops working. I think a lot

Who has been the biggest influence within your bodybuilding career to date?

Eddy Ellwood and John Hodgson

Do you favour a specific style of training, such as lighter weight and high reps, or training heavy for low reps? What style of training do you feel has benefited you most?

I always change my training around. I rotate between heavy weights low reps and then high volume reps when supersetting.

How does your training change off season compared to competition prep? Without exposing all your secrets, what does a typical week look like for you in the gym when you’re looking to gain size compared to prepping for a comp?

My training never changes I always train same way all year round the only thing changing is cardio and calorie intake.

How does your diet change in the off season compared to competition prep?

Pre contest i have slightly less calories and off season I eat the same way same food but in bigger quantities.

Some of your videos we see you hitting high reps on big weight for squats. How do you get pumped up to rally through and complete your set?

Yes thats true. I suppose it is all the years of training and practice. I can push my pain barrier further. My control of breathing is better through years of training, and I can focus well listening to music.  What comes down has to go up. Simple.

Lukas Gabris Squats

Along with bodybuilding, you also offer personal training. What are some of the most common mistakes you see noobies making in the gym?

Same mistakes I use to do. Lifting to heavy sacrificing form and over training.

During competition prep, how close before a show do you have your last cheat meal, and what is your favourite cheat meal?

I don’t have cheat meal during the preparation. I work with more or less of the sources of food which is in my diet already. Cheating calls cheating for a reason wining calls winning for a reason too.

You’re sponsored by Pro-10, how did you feel getting your first endorsement? What does being sponsored by Pro 10 involve?

Pro-10 are great. They looking after me really well. My work with them involves promotional work like expos, in store promotions and some photo shoots.

What supplements do you currently use?

Im loyal to Pro-10 and find they have everything i could need.
Whey protein isolate
Time release protein

Lukas Gabris Tricep WorkoutFor anyone wanting to try and add the amount of muscle mass you’ve been able to do, what tips and advice would you share with them?

Eat 3g protein per 1kg bodyweight. Eat 4-5g carbs per 1 kg bodyweight. Eat 1g fats per 1kg bodyweight. Eat every 2.5 – 3hours. Train like a beast. If you want results, act like it.

You’re not an English native, what do you think of the nations love of fish and chips, pies and fried foods?

Well we will not talk about the mentality because I am use to completely different food. But the UK has gave me a lot more then i could ever imagine I’ve met lots great people here.

Other than competing in the Arnold Classic later this year, what other goals do you currently have?

I want to turn IFBB professional but as a perfectionist I want to be a better person in every possible aspect, because there is always room for improvements. My motto is stay humble and never forget where you came from.

You can Follow Lukas Gabris over on his official Facebook Fan Page:

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Lukas Gabris Competition History

2012 British Finals – Class 1 Winner
2012 NABBA World Championships – 2ndLukas Gabris Bodybuilding Titles
2012 NABBA Britain – Class 1 Winner
2012 NABBA North West – Class 1 Winner
2011 NABBA Mr England Class 1 Winner
2011 NABBA Mr Universe – Class 1 5th
2010 NABBA Mr England – Class 1 2nd
2010 NABBA Mr Universe – 3rd
2009 Mr UK – Class 1 Winner
2009 Mr Universe – Class 1 5th
2009 Mr England – Class 1 Winner
2009 NABBA central Britain – class1 winner
2009 UKBFF midlands – 3rd place in super heavies
2008 NABBA central Britain – 2nd class 1
2008 NABBA universe – 6th class1
2008 Mr England class – winner and overall winner
2008 Northstaffs Open – class 1 winner and overall winner
2007 NABBA world – 6th place class 1
2007 NABBA Britain – 4th place class 1
2007 Northwest UKBFF – winner
2007 NABBA northwest – 2nd class1
2006 Northwest UKBFF over 90kg – 2nd place
2006 NABBA North West – class 1 winner
2006 NABBA North West – class 1 winner
Slovakian junior championships – 3th place in over 90kg


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