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Lego Marvel heroes To Come With Iron Patriot Figure – £29.19!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Iron Patriot Minifigure Limited Edition It has been announced that the lego marvel heroes will come with a special edition figure. The Iron Patriot. Although the picture above shows the xbox 360 version, the wii

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Cheapest GTA V Pre Order – £34.99

Amazon are selling GTA V with blimp dlc for £34.99. What are you waiting for? Pre order yours now! Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)

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Pokemon Rumble U Review

The first Pokemon Wii U Game has released! Lets take a look at Pokemon Rumble U for the Nintendo Wii in this Pokemon Rumble U Review Ok so i bought the Pokemon Wii U Special edition of Pokemon Rumble U

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Spartacus Blood & Treachery Board Game

Wow, I never saw this one coming. The hit TV Show Spartacus, a Starz original, now has its very own board game! Thats right, now you can enter the sands (made of cardboard) and battle it out, swapping the sword

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