Open Mr & Miss British Isle’s Bodybuilding Show Countdown

I spoke about the reincarnation of the Open Mr & Miss British Isle Bodybuilding show a few weeks back. Eddy Ellwood, a 5 time Mr Universe winner, is responsible for aligning the stars and bringing back one of the most anticipated UK Bodybuilding shows in recent memory. Competitors aren’t just looking forward to getting out there and flexing their stuff however, as Lee Priest, former IFBB Professional bodybuilder will be making a guest appearance at the event. Lee Priest will be guest posing following his participation in the Mr Universe this month.

So where does this leave yours truly, Good ol’ Shreddybrek?

If you’ve been following my youtube series, then you’ll know I competed in the Nabba North Britain show earlier this year. Not placing in the show was expected, however it motivated me to get my ass in gear, and working harder with the aim of placing in the 2014 NABBA North Britain. This marked the start of my 1 year body transformation video series. Things to a slight detour though, as I decided on then taking part in the Open Mr & Miss British Isle this October. The show will definitely get me into better condition and get me closer to where I need to be to, hopefully, have a successful career in bodybuilding.

At the time of writing, im roughly 3 and a half weeks out from the show. Im still not in the uber learn, shredded to the bone, below 5% bodyfat condition that id ideally be in for competitive bodybuilding, however given my physique and conditioning at the start of this year, im happy with the progress ive made and understand that a healthy, and quality body transformation takes years. 16 weeks of dieting and intense training doesn’t make me a bodybuilder, the lifestyle i lead, and aspirations I have makes me want to become a bodybuilder.

So, 3 and a half weeks out, what do i need to do for this show, and following it?

Firstly, I need to continue to drop fat, whilst maintaining muscle mass. My fat loss has been pretty consistent thus far, and its literally just a matter of time. I could speed this up fat loss up, but it would come at the expense of muscle tissue, something no bodybuilder wants to lose. Following the show, ill continue to eat healthy. Post show in May I put too much weight on too quickly, resulting in fat gains. This was a result of too many carbs, too many fats and no cardio, despite clean relatively clean eating. This time i won’t make such a dramatic jump in carbs, and I won’t increase my fats. Cardio i may take a break from however.

There we have it guys, just an update from me 3 and a half weeks out. I urge you all to check out my other articles on working out and supplements and to head over to my youtube channel and subscribe to be notified of each new video.

Until next time guys, keep clangin’ & bangin’

Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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