Meeting Eddie Hall & Protein Dynamix, My Supplement Sponsors

eddie hall protein dynamix adam foster shreddybrekMy Facebook and Twitter feeds seem to be full of young lads who have compete in 1 show, have maybe a year or 2 of training under them, and are looking for sponsors.

Chances are, your social feeds look pretty similar.

Taking  a photo of their supplement cupboard and uploading it with a crazy ass filter, and a caption of “Thanks so much to <insert brand here> for keeping my stocked up”. As if they’re getting it for free.

I’ve been training since a Teenager, and Im in my 3rd year of competing as a bodybuilder. As a teenager, it’s hard not to crave the success of the pro’s. Winning shows, landi
ng sponsorship deals, getting free supplements, photoshoots and magazine covers, and making a living from bodybuilding or fitness.

I’ve never once, however, expected anything, from any company. I’ve got my name out there a bit by competing, through doing my youtube videos, along with reviewing supplements etc. However I have never once though “ffs, where are my sponsors damn it!”

This year I was fortunate enough to land a supplement sponsorship by a company I started using earlier in the year, Protein Dynamix.

It’s nice to have the help of a sponsor behind me, but it’s also good to be able to work with, help them, and network with the guys that run Protein Dynamix.

I had my first meet up with the team this past Friday, and I just wanted to talk about the experience so far.

Meeting Protein Dynamix

The day started pretty early for me, with a morning cardio session. The Protein Dynamix team were hosting the meet & greet day at Club M in Stoke. My accent might give this away, but im no where near Stoke.

That meant a series of trains starting at 7.20 am, in order to get there for 11.

Upon arrival, a few of the other ambassadors were already waiting, and the Protein Dynamix office staff were there to welcome us all.

Whilst waiting for everyone to show up, I used the time to chat with some of the guys.

protein dynamix meet


The Real Life Zangief

The “main event” showed up, which was the real life Zangief. AKA, Worlds Strongest Man & world record deadlift holder, Eddie Hall.

The guy is known for being a little bit strong.

Eddie gave us a bit of background to himself, how he came about working with Protein Dynamix, along with sharing some of his success with social media.

This was followed up by a chat from a guy I spent the rest of the day speaking to, and someone who I’ve been following on Twitter for well over a year now, Ollie Matthews of Body Catchers.

After I gave a talk about Youtube to the guys, I spent a good amount of the day talking to Ollie. It’s strange how someone who i’ve followed for so long because of fitness & working out, lead to a day of speaking about almost nothing related to fitness.

It was good to just speak as a friend, about his upcoming wedding, his Sisters wedding, trips to London, awesome food, positive attitude, and peanut butter. Because who doesn’t like peanut butter?

Lights, Camera, Pumping Iron

Body CatchersEach of us had our photo’s taken, and did some supplement reviews. I’ve covered some Protein Dynamix Reviews already, and have more to come.

It was a good opportunity to give our feedback to the guys from Protein Dynamix about what does work, what doesn’t, along with recommending changes to blends, flavours, and suggesting new products.

This was all just a warm up however until the main event, which was hitting the weight room. It was Tri’s and Back for me, so i teamed up with Jam Brown to hit the full workout, because Laura Simpson couldn’t just keep up! It was also good chatting with Deke on the way back to the train station, trying desperately to rush for our trains (which he unfortunately missed)

We were left to our own devices, to train whatever we wanted, and a cameraman from Protein Dynamix was a fly on the wall, recording the session to no doubt use in a future video for their website & youtube channel.

The Take-a-way

What I liked about the entire day, was the natural and organic feel of it.

There was nothing forced upon any of us. We weren’t told “do this exercise, do this workout” so they could get footage.

I wasn’t forced into creating a bullshit review of any of their products. They let us do our thing, and work with us on that.

In my Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime review the only area I criticised was their lack of flavours. The whey blend is the highest in the UK, beating out MyProtein, The Protein Works and GoNutrition. The flavours they have tastes awesome (dat banana shake) but their lack of flavours is a real bummer. They’ve already launched a few more flavours over the past few months since my initial review, which is promising. However leaving that meeting Friday, im super excited about the flavours & products that were revealed. In a word, i can describe them only as, hnnnngggg.

Watch this space.

It’s nice to be sponsored by a company & get help with my supplements. If you want to try them out, you can at their website here, you can save money using a protein dynamix discount code at

However its better to be supported by a team of professionals, and be surrounded by like minded athletes.

If you took part in the day, and have any photo’s, then shoot me a message and i’ll get them on the page!


Adam Foster is an aspiring bodybuilder, and has been training since a teenager. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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