1 Year Body Transformation – Road To NABBA North 2014

Getting ready with Shreddy for a 1 year body transformation! What’s up guys, in this section of the site im going to document my 1 year body transformation including my muscle gain diet, my bodybuilding routine to gain muscle. I’ll be sharing any fitness tips or “muscle gaining secrets” or “fat loss secrets” I use to maintain a relatively low level of body fat throughout the year, whilst slowly gaining lean muscle.

What I’ve learned this year since undergoing my first competitive bodybuilding body transformation, is that a mass gaining diet doesn’t require as many calories as I thought, muscle gain supplements go beyond cheap whey protein and a solid muscle gain program can give great results if you stick to it. What I’ve learned more than anything is bodybuilding and an amazing muscle gain or fat loss body transformation takes time and patience.

Now you may be looking at my previous 12 week body transformation and then looking at this NABBA 2014 1 year transformation and thinking WTF. A 1 year body transformation, why so long? “ I thought bodybuilders could build muscle fast” or you may even be asking experienced guys in the gym bigger than yourself, “how to gain muscle fast, what is a good muscle gain program to build muscle fast and what muscle gain supplements and muscle gain diet do I need to follow for rapid results”.

This is where the “patience” point comes in. I’ve all ready discussed how my 12 week body transformation got me into good shape, but not good enough for bodybuilding. So my first “muscle gaining secret” for you all, is that gaining muscle does not happy overnight…which is why im counting down 1 year till next year’s NABBA North Britain Bodybuilding show.

My past transformation got me into ok condition. Now that my physique is in this better condition, I feel a lot more confident, especially having a lot more time, to prepare and get into shape for the next show.

SO! How will this 1 year body transformation work? As I prepare for the NABBA North Britain 2014, I will be keep track of my bodybuilding progress on a weekly basis. I will record a physique conditioning update weekly, showing any muscle gains or fat loss I have achieved. Now week on week I wont change that much, however it will be interested to compare certain weeks to one another and see how I am progressing over time with my body transformation.

Along with my physique update videos, I will also be keeping track of my diet. Im not following a traditional “mass gain diet” or “fat loss diet”, rather I am slowly adding lean muscle whilst maintaining a low level of body fat. In other posts and videos I’ll also share any different supplements I try, along with my workout routine and show videos of my workouts.

So that’s the 1 year transformation in a nutshell guys! Looking forward to NABBA North Britain 2014, and im looking forward to seeing how I look at the end of my 1 year body transformation.

Ready – Shreddy – GO !

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